Brave stole nearly 140(one forty) bat of October payout

As you can see now payments are complete , but still i didn’t receive payment. This is what brave did , after rolling over for months and then at once vanish everything. total of nearly 140( one forty ) bats disappeared in total of all profiles . what do you want to say about this? @rodrige @SmartyAadi @steeven @Mattches @Saoiray . Raising ticket is just delaying , and then at last they will say next month you will get along with previous, which is absolutely false.

I lost faith in brave, My so many months earnings, they cheated with me and many other users.


Hey, okay. Raising a tickt and getting an answer is a bit of patience test. But don’t worry, they’ll sort it out for you, as they’ve done for many users already

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i haven’t receive my August and this month’s payment and i don’t want to get answer like to wait for next month again

Also I’ll suggest that you reconnect or disconnect, that could cause a conflict which is causing you to not receive rewards

They’ll try to do their best to get them to you this month itself.

Hey wait. Did you check your Gemini account? You’ve shared a screenshot showing you were connected to Gemini

Gemini also same . No payout

Raise a ticketchere

already raised . I don’t have any hope left.

They’ll provide some solution

Brave has become useless now, knowing that your bats will disappear by time, whats the use of earning then, If i dont get the payment this month, i am uninstalling brave from all pc laptop and mobile. I would not recommend anyone else to use brave just saying it wont show ads on youtube.

other than to wait for another month?

There are other advantages of using Brave. But, if your only reason was because of the rewards, then it is understandable. It is your own choice which browser you use.

The right process is really to open a support ticket.
However I have noticed in your screenshots that you are logged out. While logged out the balance is always zero. You need to be logged in in order to get your balance from the custodian.

Another thing, the status has been change to complete just few hours ago. It is possible that your payout is on the way and will be visible when processed by the custodian.

Nevertheless, Brave support is your only help.

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Most probably, yes. It’s too annoying to see people crib about something you’re literally getting for free, earlier with chrome and everything else you were paying to Browse. You never had an issue with that, did you ?
Greed is all man has nowadays (even me)

i didn’t have any issue until i didn’t received my payment for August and being told to wait for this month and now i don’t get both payments and it said my payment arrived just like last month

I am the same I chaim all Bat but my Bat don’t receive me.

No brave support till now. @Mattches @steeven @Saoiray ???

I have the same payout problem, only in my case I didn’t receive to Uphold a total of 23 BATs. After contacting with support, I received an answer that I should wait patiently until the next payment, but it is a pity that it was already the third month. It’s time to look for an alternative to Brave, it’s a pity for this few years of cooperation, but sience I live in an unsupported region by Uphold payments, so I think it’s a waste of my time and nerves.

Submitting a ticket is not delaying, just part of the process. Can you please submit a ticket to us and then please tell me the ticket number so I can ensure that someone takes a look?

Thank you.

can you please also help take a look at mine as well? ticket #158390 raised a ticket last month for missed payout and being told to wait for a month and now i did not get any payout for both August and September many thanks