Two profiles with ads coming

is it okay to use two profiles in one pc and earning from both the profiles…?? i created two profiles in my pc and saw that both the profiles are properly working and ads are coming and i am making good money… is it okay or not? is it legal or illegal to do that??
PLEASE TELL ME ASAP. :innocent: :smiley: :smile:

You can use several profiles, but only one will get ads at a time.
Meanwhile, it’s definitely not okay to use caps lock.

@parthav15 First, do you know that writing in all caps is considered you are shouting? Initially, I didn’t know myself. Try to avoid that. You can always edit your post.

Now, It’s perfectly fine to work in more than one profile of Brave, as long as you don’t abuse Brave Ads. And how do you know if it’s abuse- you will feet it.

Cheers. Welcome to Brave!

You want to say that i shouldn’t be using 2nd profile to earn more bat.
It’s against policies?
Will my account be closed or something?

I’m not saying that.

Ideally, a user shouldn’t be going for more Ads than the browser itself delivers during normal usage. However it has not been ideal, so Brave has put-in some caps. And it’s when a user tries to exceed the caps, or tries to bypass regional limits/restrictions, etc. can get flagged by Brave’s automated system.

The specifics of flagging a rewards profile aren’t revealed. But the usage must not amount to an abuse of Brave Ads/Rewards.

I guess you will find out.

Hello creating multiple profiles might lead your profiles to get flagged someone posted here crying about brave stealing his BAT

Check this community post

You can see that he is earnings more than 20Bats per profile because hes cheating the system and most of his rewards are getting carried over back to his estimated earnings every payout because his profile is getting constantly flagged I knew this because I know that he is the one who is posting a video about fixing the flagged profile here he is just creating new account to post here in the community

2 diffirent pc okay, in the same pc could be reason flagged your brave profile.

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