BRAVE stole my BATs - Rewards taken by Brave... liers


I configure my browser perfectly fine. I did not donate or contribute my rewards to anyone and regardless of that you took my 4 dollar rewards anyway. Just despicable.

Fix this because , it is despicable to use a product that lies to you and on top steals the rewards that you collected for a month 4 USD in BAT tokens. I dont give a crap if is 1 dollar. this is a matter of principle.

Fix it or I will make sure I take back all the good promotions I have done for Brave, and will also make sure you guys get the worst Karma in the planet as well as BAT since is associated with liars. Social media is a bitch for companies that scam their customers.

I hope you reply to this complaint and fix it.

bro did you read the dev posts from before?

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Hi @Xunil, it’s just a new month (October 1st), so counters are resetting to the new month. Your other counters may take some time to sync up, depending on your timezone.

We have a fix coming to make sure your local time and the UTC timezone that our servers use are better aligned.

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