Brave Rewards Disappear on Payout date

Hello this post is about the disappearance of 30% of viewed adds on payout day (May 5).

Yesterday when i logged out i had roughly 114 viewed ads worth about $2. Today, when i check the rewards i Have only 78 viewed ads worth $1.40. Is there a correction on payout dates to remove ads that you dont spend a certain amount of time, or clicks on? thank you for your time, look forward to learning more


I experienced the same thing. My current earning balance for the last few days is almost completely gone but my wallet balance still reflects $0.00. I’m hoping the answer is it takes 24 hrs to render the new wallet balance but that seems unlikely. Hopefully not just lost…, cross my fingers.

Yes I had this record so I could figure what the rate was and now I am wiped out and actually had more because I hadnt checked it in a few days… I do not think t is worth all the time checking out those sites to have what you earn back
Current earnings this month (Estimated)
BAT 8.90, 10.15, 14.30, 21.75
USD 3.24, 3.79, 6.17, 8.16

Ad 178, 203, 286, 435

And Here is what I have left

BAT 4.20
USD 1.52

Ad 84

same here and nothing in my wallet

I confirmed this on both devices running Brave, and the same problem, BAT tokens percentage just gone upon reaching payment date. Any suggestions from the Brave support team? Thanks

Same thing with me. The April Balance disappeared on May 5th payout date, but my wallet says “0 BAT” balance. I emailed support direct and haven’t received a response. I’m seeing a lot of this on here popping up. I hope it’s resolved quickly.

I have experienced the same thing, my earnings balance was wiped and uphold and browser wallets do no reflect a payout (still remains at $0.00). April balance disappeared on May 5th and Ad count reset.

I really hope this gets resolved quickly.



“Thanks for using Brave Rewards! At the end of every month, we have a claim process to make sure you are sent BAT for enabling Ads.

It has come to our attention that due to a timing difference our UI made some of you anxious that BAT were taken away. We want to assure you that this was not the case as the bug only affects the browser-side display of estimated value, not the real earnings you will receive. Any value that was deducted will appear automatically next cycle as part of next month’s claim process - and we’re fixing our UI accordingly.

As a gesture of good faith, we’re sending each of the people who enabled Ads prior to now a 5 BAT grant as a thank you and to ease any concerns you may have.

Please be sure to look for the red alert badge on the Brave Rewards icon, and follow the claim process as you have for prior grants.
Thanks again and certainly reach out if you have any questions!”

press the claim button and nothing happens!

losing the will here guys

@Phleabag @digivoz @XrpDude @Brucie @t0freers @sinnx3 additional info here NOTICE: Rewards earned from Brave Ads are not lost

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