NOTICE: Rewards earned from Brave Ads are not lost

Taken from our BAT Community page:

Hi everybody, first, very sorry for the confusion here. As many of you have guessed, this is related to 5th of the month. Ads rewards payouts are getting processed for users today. As part of that, the counter will reset to ad views/earnings for the next cycle. However, there is a known issue where some “uncashed in” payment receipts are not reflected as part of that total ( and it will be hot fixed to all channels this week. Important to note that no BAT is lost in this case.

Also, because of the way payment receipts are cashed in with a delay, some ads seen in the last month will actually be paid on the next cycle. So if you opted in late last month (as in with the release channel ads), your first ads payment may not be until next month.

Jimmy Secretan , Vice President of Services & Operations at Brave

How Brave Ads payouts work in detail

Because of the advanced, privacy-preserving protocol for “ad confirmations” (detailed here) that allows Brave to reward you for your ad views without knowing which specific ads you have seen, it can sometimes be unclear how your accumulated earnings will be made available to claim into your Brave Rewards wallet. Here are some points to help clarify:

  • You can see your estimated ad earnings accumulating for the current earnings cycle in your rewards settings page (brave://rewards/).
  • On the 5th of every month (at 12:01am), the estimated ad earnings / notifications tracker will reset.
  • Ads earnings will be available to claim into your wallet once a month, usually on or before the 5th of the month. However, given time zone differences, it’s usually best to give it a day or two before reaching out to support.
  • You may not receive an ad payment during your first month, especially if you first opted into Brave Ads late in the previous month. This is because the “payment receipts” that ensure you receive credit for ad engagement are sent at randomized time intervals after ads are viewed (usually a week or more later) in order to help preserve your privacy.
  • Any ads payments you do not receive because of this payment receipt timing will follow on the 5th of the next month.
  • At present, there is an issue which will be hotfixed the week of May 6th that will show uncashed “payment receipts” as part of your running total to more accurately reflect what you should expect to receive in the next payment cycle ( It is important to note that even when totals reset on the 5th, no BAT is lost and will be paid out in the next cycle.

Update: Your BAT earnings will not expire. Expiration dates are simply a display bug and will also be removed with the upcoming hotfix.

Update 2: If you find that hotfix v0.63.55 did not resolve your specific issue concerning Brave Ads earnings:

  1. Please let us know (kindly :slight_smile:) and provide as many relevant details as you can.
  2. We are already addressing additional/edge cases and will roll out new hotfixes to capture all such cases. Thank you for your patience and I will do my best to update this thread when more information is available.

Still nothing here:
on may 4th I had 8.55 BAT for 171 ads
on may 5th BAT’s dropped to 3.33 for 66 ads … and started to build up from there till today : 4.85 for 97 ads. My wallet is still empty and I 'm not sure to understand everything (but as I’m insomniac part of my brain may have disappeared …with my BAT’s :slight_smile: )

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Still don’t get back my ads earnings… Help please

Thanks for the update. Having this background information helps a lot to understand the situation. Much appreciated.

Hotfix v0.63.55 didn’t seem to correct the problem for me. My Wallet is still showing a zero balance as of today (May 7). I started using Brave in the third week of April and enabled Brave Rewards the day they became available (April 17). Prior to May 5 I had approx. 3 BAT accumulated from viewing ads. I have not enabled Automatic contributions and haven’t awarded any tips since I was waiting for BAT to be transferred to my Wallet.

Let me know if there are any other details that would be helpful. Thanks!


I am on Lost half of my BAT rewards and my rewards window shows:

The hotfix did not repair the issue for me.
I have had 153 ads viewed and 7.56 BAT by the end of may 4th which were reset to 49 ads which translates to 2.49 BAT on 12:00 AM of the 5th of may, but ive been getting ad notifications very regularly since then and my exact ad notifications can even be restored and viewed when i set the time before 12:00 AM of that day.


I am not really sure if I have to do something. Do I need to update my browser?
I looked for the Hotfix mentioned above and installed it, but it turned out just installing a second Brave browser, Beta this time. But it didn’t sink with my previous browser or activity. I am uninstalling it now.

Sorry, I am new here and not familiar with some terms or how it works.

Thanks for the help

For new Updates go to “Ξ Burger Menue” > “About Brave” > “Update”.

If this won’t work you should do a back up of your Brave wallet first and then uninstall Brave and install it again.

The hotfix did not repair the issue for me too… :pensive:

For anyone following this thread,
I will have an update on the status of this issue soon – we haven’t forgotten about you! Truly appreciate your patience and will return with more information as soon as I’m able.



Thanks for the updates.

I have received 5 BAT as a grant which appears to be fine reading the above thread. However my friend (who started using Brave a day later did not receive their BAT).

Is there anything that they should do to receive their 5 BAT?



Thanks Brave team for staying on top of this and keeping everyone informed. Problem solved for me as of this morning. :slight_smile:

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Looks like I’m not the only one experiencing earned rewards showing 0.0 in their wallet. And yes, I have the latest update (version 0.63.55). It’ll be nice when this gets resolved, otherwise clicking on ads just feels silly.

  1. Same here, on the 5th my earnings halved but nothing in my wallet.
  2. Given a Grant of 5 BAT but after claim not in my wallet.
  3. Using hot fix version 0.63.55 still nothing in my wallet.
  4. Losing the love for this excellent browser but it needs to do what it claims!

Macbookpro Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)


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Also lost my earnings. I did receive and was able to claim the 5 BAT grant (thank you for that). However, the 0.95 BAT that was earned in the last month is still missing.

Browser info is as follow:
Version 0.63.55 Chromium: 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Let me know if any other details would help. Thanks.

EDIT: I just re-read the original post once more and it seems as though my issue is that I just opted into the Brave Ads last month (can’t remember when exactly). My understanding is that the issue will be resolved next month, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

HI @TheJizel, yes BAT missing from the total should roll over to the next month’s payment. We are currently actively working on ways to make this much clearer in the display, but no BAT is lost in this case. Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks for update