Brave randomly fails to launch

In the last few days I’ve noticed that when I click on the Brave icon on the taskbar. Brave appears to launch as a window opens with a blank white background and then the window immediately closes. If I click the icon again, it launches Brave successfully the second time. Note that there is no consistency to this so I cannot replicate the issue but i was wondering if anyone was seeing similar behavior and knows how to prevent the need for a second launch?

Note that I’m running Windows 10 version 2004 that includes Microsoft Updates from 7/14/20

Maybe your PC is a problems you need to know it by using scanner of antivirus because that’s the common problems of PC user’s that there apps is crushing and automatic closed because the virus of their PC is forcing close it and sometimes virus can destroy any apps on your PC. If this is not the correct answer you can search that same topic of your problems.

Have a nice day.

Hey @Moondoggy can you re-launch Brave in a new profile? would that help?

I don’t think it’s a virus. I use Norton 360 and it automatically updates frequently and automatically scans my system when the PC is idle. Note that this is a recent event with Brave that has only started to occur in the last few days. Could there be anything related to the July Patch Tuesday updates for Win 10 2004 as it seems to have started after the update?

the only way to make sure it’s not the win 10 2004 update that you restore your system before the day you installed that update then update your brave and see if it work

just do not forget to make a backup cause microsoft tend to make crazy stuff recently after each update

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