Brave desktop application cannot be launched (Windows 10)

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Brave won’t launch, I have tried to ‘run it as administrator’ and to download a new version directly from webpage but result remains the same. Ultra mili second of sand clock while trying to launch it and then nothing happens
    2023-07-03 08_58_09-Latest Browser Support_Desktop Support topics - Brave Community
  2. I have tried to use Chrome in order to save my bookmarks but Chrome can’t see Brave browser at all
    2023-07-03 08_47_21-Settings - You and Google

while Firefox does:

2023-07-03 08_47_31-Settings — Mozilla Firefox
3. This already happened a month ago. I have tried to save my data, do reinstall but the same thing happened. I had to go through full reinstall of Brave browser…after wiping out the data it worked correctly since then but I don’t want to go through the same process time if there is a solution

Expected result:
I expect it to launch and work as usual

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Can’t open it but it’s last version at the moment

Additional Information:
I use Brave for a years now and this is the second time I’m experiencing this problem

I hope someone from community has experienced this issue and solved it,

@mattches please help.

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Let me also mention that it IS active in taskbar, ending task forcefully doesn’t resolve the issue

2023-07-03 14_33_47-Task Manager

So it looks like the browser is launching and running just not displaying, which is certainly strange. Are you using multiple monitors by chance? Can you also please try right-clicking on the shortcut icon in the dock and opening a Private browsing window and tell me if the browser launches properly after doing so?

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Exactly… shame on me :sweat_smile:

My second monitor was turned off, and it seems that at some point, I accidentally dragged the Brave window to it, causing it to launch there by default.

Thanks for the input! I’m happy that I can continue using the king of web browsers!

Cheers, Mattches and the whole Brave community! :muscle:


Very glad that it was an easy fix — have a wonderful day!

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