Brave icon sometimes does not respond when I click on it to launch (Windows 10 machine)

This happens once in a while. Brave browser does not launch no matter how many times I click on the short cut icon on my desktop or clicking on the the actual .exe file for the browser. This happens once in a while.

The remedy for me is to simply reboot my PC. Then it works again. Why is this happening? And how do I stop it from happening again?



Not sure why it’s happening necessarily, but its likely not launching due to a rogue process that’s still running in the background even after the browser is closed.

The next time this happens, open your task manager and check to see if you can spot any Brave processes running. If you do, end them, then try to launch the browser again.


Thanks @Mattches. I think I did look at Task Manager in one of the times this happened but don’t remember seeing anything related to brave browser in the list. I will double check it again next time this happens and will let you know in this thread.


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@Dizer, this was occurring regularly with my windows 7 desktop and yes, shutting down and rebooting was the only solution. Hasn’t happened in quite a while, I am still watching out to see if it recurs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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