Brave closes after i try to launch it

When i used it ytesterday there wasnt any problem with it. I shut down my computer without sending or updating anything and after wanting to launch it today it closes itself immediatly. I tried renaming User Data folder and it launched again but withou my saved tabs and passwords and all that stuff. Also tried reinstalling it but it didnt help.

Launching with my stuff

cant cause it doesnt launch.

I am an IT student and knoiw that programming is hard. But at least like make a browser that i can use without such hassle

@semin can you try to do the current version of Brave and see if you have the same issue? They had reports similar to yours on Brave crashing for Windows and they did a quick patch to fix it.

SOLVED I just went into settings after using brave.exe --user-data-dir=C:\solo\Desktop\test this opens brave browser where i reset it to default settings. then I went to “About Brave” to check program is up to date, and the new fix V1.57.49 was waiting click that and Brave Browser will not crash again.

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