Brave Unable to Relaunch

I just updated to Win 10 2004. Brave works fine, except when I close it and try to relaunch it a few minutes later, Brave will not open. The only way I can get Brave browser to open up is to restart my computer. This does not happen all the time, but I will say it happens about 90% of the time. Very annoying. Does this happen to anyone else? What is the fix if any? Any help is deeply appreciated! Thanks!

“restarting” your OS is a bit extreme.

I suspect you have a rogue Brave process running … your description of
“i quit Brave and try to restart and it does not show” is not an uncommon issue, though it rears its ugly head for a very small minority of folks.

Next time, after you quit Brave, open Task Manager and see if there is a Brave process (or two or more) still running. If you see rogue Brave processes, kill them and attempt to fire up Brave … should work.

Let us know.

Thanks cauldercay! Next time Brave relaunch fails, I will check for rogue Brave process on Task Manager and let you know. Great community!