Brave mobile not connect with uphold and not synchronize with my PC

Hi there, firts. In my PC everithing works very well…
Mi brave is connect with my wallet but NOT in my mobile.

In my iphone i open the brave and i can see my BAT but i dont know how add in my wallet of uphold. it was impossible make the synchronization PC/MOBILE = my Wallet.
I did try everithing but it was impossible. I HAVE BAT in the brave of my mobile but i cant move to my wallet

Thank you!

Welcome, Nacho.

I too have Brave on my phone with a verified wallet. They currently do not have the facility to withdraw from your Brave wallet to your uphold account. They say that it is something they are working on.

Can we get some sort of estimated timeframe of when this will be possible for myself and Nacho?

Announcement 3 days ago.

Once again, thanks buddy.

So the update should be imminent then?

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Looks like it mate, within the month anyways, fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

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Cheers, pal.

How many BAT have you got waiting to go over?

Thank you guys! I will wait

Not much mate, around 50. Just been tipping some youtube guys I follow as I was convinced at some point I’d lose them.

What about yourself, you got much?

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By next payout I’ll have around 110.

Gonna buy up some altcoins.

While I’m working from home I can do about 35 BAT a month.

I set my screensaver to 10 mins and leave my phone screen on. I usually stay on as it’s a brave registered site. And just refresh every 5 mins. I get plenty of ads doing that. Although they dry up from around 4pm onwards.

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Aye, screensaver on 10 mins, go to brave://rewards/, turn ads off then on again. Do nothin and after around 2 minutes - 2 minutes 30secs you get an ad. Turn ads off and on again, wait another 2-2.5minutes triggers another ad in the same time frame. If you had time, you could keep repeating this till the daily maximum has been reached. Currently around 40-50 ads per day on Android in the UK.

The ads are either not tied to viewing history or this is a flaw that should be fixed.

Cool. I’ve tried the stop and start before, but only a couple each day when it appears to dry up. Is there a way of changing ad preferences to say you are interested in more topics?

When it stops giving ads before the daily limit on Android, restart your phone(not your browser) and start again, always works.

The Windows PC version of Brave only gives 20 ads per day UK atm and has a fault that lets you trigger an ad every 15-20 seconds, so if you wanted, you could get your daily limit in around 5 minutes(without browsing) but I’m hesitant of typing it out.

No mate, don’t know a way of changing ad preference.

Interesting. I would do that but I use company computers so I cant use Brave on there.

I’ll defo try that on the phone though.

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Do you do Pi Network?

No never mined Pi on phones although I do mine Ravencoin and/or Ethereum/Ethereum Classic using graphics cards and also Monero using amd ryzen cpu’s.

Hit me up if you fancy doing Pi. You can join my mining team.

I’m gonna start building up some Tezos and Chainlink.

I’ve got a lot of XRP. but that wont go up until that circulating supply starts coming down.

How do you mine with graphics cards?

Various ways but I’m currently using a Linux mining OS called HiveOS. On Hive its pretty straight forward as its been designed specifically for mining. There are other dedicated Linux mining OS’s ie Simple Miner OS(SMOS) but they are all similar. You just need to connect your miner to a pool like 2miners or one of the many others.

You can also mine through Windows using software such as Claymore Dual Miner or Pheonix Miner. Again, it’s just connecting your rig to the pool. I really wouldn’t advise gpu mining unless you researched it a bit more(overclocking/undervolting) as at best it won’t be profitable and at worst you’ll break the gpu’s. I’ve had a successful few months though.

If crypto is something your interested in not just for a quick profit but to plug away at and support the network then gpu mining is great fun.

I haven’t got the tech do anything like that.

I don’t really use my personal laptop.

I think any BAT I transfer to Uphold I’ll exchange for Ethereum, Tezos and Chainlink.

I already hold 10,000 XRP (I’ll buy some more when it dips again, but that’s a long term investment) I’ll have grey hair before that takes off.

You got any other favourite coins?

I like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin & Monero atm. Out of the ERC20 tokens BAT is by far the most promising in my opinion although I don’t really follow tokens like I do coins.

Ripple used to be fashionable a while back but haven’t followed it in a while.

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Still no update so we can move our wallet funds to uphold