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Hello, I still can’t sync all my crypto bats from all my devices to the uphold wallet. I succeeded that with my Windows PC, Android tablet brave reward not synchronize, Windows tablet brave reward not synchronize, Android phone brave reward not synchronize. While it is the phone that I accumulate the most BAT. Frankly I appreciate the principle, but if we have trouble recovering our cumulative BAT, we lose interest in winning and therefore keep Brave as the default browser.

So you have 3 devices, 2 Windows PCs and an Android device. One windows PC is verified with your Uphold account, the other one and Android device are not.
Can you tell me what happens when you click on the Verify wallet button in your Rewards panel on both devices?

I cant, he tells me that it takes 25 Bat on m’y other devices, while on my Windows PC I did not need to have 25 BAT

Yeah, that’s because people asked (Or that’s what I’ve readed somewhere here) for it and they did low down that requirement, but still not in android, they still are asking for the same in android but still they don’t low it down, so you have to reach 25 in order to sync your phone to uphold. I’m on the same boat, but hey, other ways, you have to make the new tabs process and that to claim the same amount of bats anyways, right? So don’t worry, once we reach 25, we’ll have that and future incomes directly to our wallets.

Edit: I will hit myself for each “still” I wrote here XDD

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@NoiGS is pretty much correct here.

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