Android Uphold Wallets Launch and Introducing Minimum BAT Thresholds

Dear Brave & BAT Community,

With a new app upgrade (v1.10) this week, we are excited to announce that Android will be supporting User Wallets (verified wallets)! Verified User Wallets on Android will allow Brave Android users to transfer and sync their Brave Rewards BAT balances with an Uphold account. Remember, You do not need to use this functionality to continue using Brave Rewards.

Based on our experiences with verified User Wallets on Desktop and the feedback we have received to date, we will be limiting verified wallets to users who have 25 BAT or more accrued. Please see our FAQ below:

What does it mean to “claim” or “verify” a User Wallet?

With User Wallets, Brave Android users will have their BAT balance in Brave Rewards transferred and synced to an Uphold account. For example, with a verified wallet, you can withdraw your BAT earnings.

How is the 25 BAT minimum enforced?

Only Brave users that have a minimum of 25 BAT in Rewards earnings can verify their wallet and have their BAT transferred and synced to their Uphold wallet.

Why is the limitation enforced for Android users only?

We are starting with Android. Soon, this limitation will also be enforced on Desktop.

Why is the 25 BAT limit enforced?

After having hundreds of thousands of Brave Desktop users attempt to verify their wallets, we realized that many users were verifying because they believed it was mandatory to create a verified User Wallet simply to use Brave Rewards. However, in many cases, the cost of creating and verifying a User Wallet is neither justified nor necessary. Therefore, we are limiting verified wallets to users with balances of 25 BAT or more.

What if I have to replace my Desktop or Smartphone?

We are launching Brave Sync v2 soon that will add support for Rewards Sync, eventually enabling users to sync and effectively back up their BAT balances across their devices, without a verified User Wallet.

Please use this thread to post any questions if they have not been answered above!

Thank you.

The Brave Rewards Team


how many devices can be connected at the same wallet ?


You only think in the US, but In Europe we don’t see a lot of ads and it will be almost impossible to reach 25 BAT…


What does this mean? Will already verified wallets stay verified? Do we have to reach an estimated 25 BAT payout or does this mean that we need to have 25 BAT in our rewards wallet?


@schrome you’ll need accumulate 25 BAT first in your Android brave:rewards wallet before you able to connect it to Uphold.

@Hecbert4258 it’s not impossible to reach 25 BAT. Because most Europe countries have Brave Ads support since months ago. And again, connecting to Uphold is not a mandatory – the default behavior is users opt-in to Brave Ads > earn BAT > and use it to support creators.

@ThinCello up to 3 browser wallets. Which is I believe include your (maybe) already connected wallet on desktop.

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I live in Spain and I just get ads when I get afk for 1 minute for example and not every time, I get around 3 ads in a week

I think that it’s a giant step forward for the Brave browser as a whole and it is well overdue so kudos to all at Brave Software. Also thanks for the 63 BAT that appeared in my wallet this morning.


25 BAT in Estimated pending rewards
or in ads wallet ?

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Will the lifetime limit of 3 brave accounts with one uphold be increasing?

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@bacdat09 in your brave:rewards wallet.

@Sds777 it might be changed in the future.

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Hi Eljuno . it mean no need uphold for withraw BAT earned from ads ?

to withdraw , or convert to fiat you will need an uphold wallet. BAT was not intended for that, except you create content . You can tip, send or auto contribute without an uphold wallet

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Is this applicable to ONE browser having MANY profiles - each with its own wallet? Ideally, one browser having many profiles can use the same wallet.

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Great news! Another story…please expect dozens of new topics relates to limitation for 3 devices

This is good news to me.

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Good news for all mobile brave users…thanks admin for this another milestone…


I forgot to ask…If ever I update my brave to the new v1.10 does it mean my february and march bat earning will now add up to my current brave wallet?because the only earnings I had on my wallet was my april and may rewards…but my feb and march just only reflects on my grants not on my brave wallet.

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What is the best way to update to this newer version, my phone just updated to a newer version a few days ago and but it is just version 1.9. 80


I also want to say thank you for the awesome browser and all the work you continue to do. After reading these forums you guys get a lot of crap for trying provide an awesome service.

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I have over 25 BAT and it still hasn’t transferred. How do I enable it or make it happen?

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