BAT does not sync to UPHOLD (Android)

Hi, so I have been using Brave for a while now. I racked up 150 BAT on my Android phone. I have an Uphold account and have it verified, but the account does not get credited. What can I do?

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Hi @vokalemilch, when did you connect your Android wallet to your Uphold account?

HI @steeven , thanks for the reply. I connected it a while ago, a month maybe?

Thanks @vokalemilch, can you share a screenshot?

@steeven can you answer my DM please?

I sent you my account details and now my Balance is lost :frowning:

@GabrielHernandez please see reply :slight_smile:

Hi @steeven , sorry for replying late. Here is a screenshot of the android and the connected uphold wallet:

Not sure if this is important but I am running Andoid 11 now on a pixel 3.

@steeven Ok I saw it and sent you the screenshots too, hope you can help me :slight_smile:

@steeven is there any update on my issue?

Hi @vokalemilch, payments are still in process which includes transferring. Let me know if you don’t receive your BAT to your Uphold wallet by end of this week and I’ll get your issue settled.

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@steeven when we will get the publishers payment

Hey @steeven, thanks for the reply. I just checked and still did not receive the BAT to my wallet. I would appreciate it if you could have another look.

Thanks @vokalemilch, have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting your wallet?

@steeven No, I haven’t, I was worried I would lose the BAT. Now I tried and suddenly my wallet has only 64 BAT on it, it was >150 before. I guess my phone combines both accounts. I added uphold again and the same thing. I have 150BAT again, but my iPhone BAT do not appear on the wallet.

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