No BAT rewards transfered to Verified Uphold Account!

Hi all
First of all I was very happy :blush: when I find out that the brave rewards from our phone :iphone: we can use it like the one that we have on the Pc or our laptops.
I see that we can verify our wallet if we have 25 BAT and after that to connect it with our Uphold account and all the rewards to be there in the Uphold account but is not like that. I make this New Tread because I think there are a lot of us with the same issue and we don’t have any clue how to sort it out or how to resolve it so who are in the same situation like me just write it here and maybe we will have one point of view from our staff members .
I send a lot of messages to the support staff but until now I have just one reply and I wait to see what we will be after that. Now I have it in my brave wallet almost 243 BAT but sitting there and I can’t send it to my UPHOLD ACCOUNT.

For @steeven all my respect and my gratitude .

Hello, I have an amount of $ bat in the browser that has not yet been transferred to uphold.
Although @steeven was always aware of all the problems that happened, I still have this other problem. Despite everything, I am grateful for his hard work. Thanks @steeven. I hope this can be solved soon. in my case the bats are in the brave browser windows 10 desktop

You mean to say your payment date has passed already and your BATs remained on your Brave browser?

certain amount of bat received remains only in the browser and not in uphold

In my case the bat rewards are in the brave wallet not in the uphold account.
I recive just a small amount of bat rewards in my uphold account exactly 0.25 bat not 160 bat .

It seems that no one know what is the problem.

hello Connect my previous uphold account and the bats have already passed to uphold problem solved thanks for everything.