Personal feedback about Brave rewards and Brave publisher : thank you BRAVE :)

Hi guys,

A quick post to let you know that the Brave reward and the Brave publisher systems work fine.
I’ve received all my payments as promised and as expected.


It was exactly the same last month and the month before. I would suggest to users to be patient if they dont receive their BAT in time. Dont worry, you’ll be paid if you follow all the guidelines (Uphold wallet connected, etc).

Last point: thanks to the Brave support team. You rock guys.

i have 13400 bat but today they review my account why i dont know why tell me why these guys review my accoutn when i was sleeping

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We are happy to know to all users who use the Brave Browser system that your payments have arrived with Success, brave browser may take a while due to the magnitude of payment requests that are made on the stipulated date and the activation of payments It is carried out on the same 8th day and all processes are governed by the Payment Queue which is processed according to your order, but all users will always be paid.

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Quote in a message to Steeven or send him a message he will help you, the support is not available at the moment so they cannot answer your concern, your Bat may not be lost, patience that they have not yet examined your case , shortly or during the period of the week the Brave Browser Team responds to all your emails asking you for more information regarding the case if you miss or skip any type of important topic to comment.

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You would be a “good guy” if you don’t pollute others topics with your problems :slight_smile:
Thanks and have a nice day.