Anything to say About this?

Hi Brave Team Do you want to give explanations on this?

@Saoiray @SaltyBanana @steeven @Mattches

Looks like they haven’t fixed the problem. Or maybe the actual payout will be correct. I’m betting on the first option but we’ll see. If the actual payout isn’t correct that makes what…4 months in a row?

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Gee, over and over again. :man_facepalming:


Exactly same…
Current earnings : 10.5
Payout : 0.06

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hey bro same here man. its been so many months. my accumulated bat has came up to 19 bats. I think brave is now fooling us b giving hope of rewards they are acquiring users and give them nothing. THIS MONTH pauout should be done properly or else its no use of using brave as priority browser. Chrome is still better in services, But i wished that brave will compete chrome, but i dont think do now, they are not keeping up their promise. they said issue has been solved. @SaltyBanana @g00z

For anyone here encountering this, please see the following thread for next steps:

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