2 problems. Full payments and creators not processing


I have two issues. I came here to try to get some help with my payments saying one thing, and getting delivered something different, and also my creators account is not processing payments.

First, I’ve noticed that A LOT of people are not getting their full payments, and I too fall under this issue. There are some really big issues with this. Your system does not show previous month ad counts on the rewards page (only current) and there is no way for us to verify completely how much we SHOULD have been paid. Obviously this makes for some pretty big problems. A problem for me, is that the US government/IRS has put out a thing saying that cryptocurrency earnings through micro-tasks are a taxable thing. Withholding that kind information from your “Workers” seems to be leaning somewhere on the illegal side. (although I am no lawyer, just seems like it should be addressed) Regardless, with so many people coming on to here asking where their earnings have gone… We deserve to at least get an official response on why so many people seem to have been short changed.

Secondly, I have a creators account with around 27 BAT. It is fully connected to my uphold account. In July I earned that 27 BAT and have been waiting for it to be payed out. It only ever says to check back in later. There is no reason it should be stuck for that long.

With both of these issues combined I am missing probably like 50 BAT in my uphold account. Not to mention that I feel like this is not the first month I have been short changed.


Kindly read this

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That is related to this month. My payment has been stuck since July, and this also does not address the first problem at all. Kindly read my post in it’s entirety please.

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you say you won them in July? Well today the July references are being processed … also the thread that the colleague very kindly indicated to you clearly says "If your payment is missing, late or incomplete, wait until the payments have been completed before opening a thread. "

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Hi @xgabytax, what’s the email linked to your Uphold?

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I have no problem, I was answering who does, thanks for your attention!

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@xgabytax Well no where does it say that July is being processed right now, so i hope you can see where the confusion comes from considering it says “This months payments” and it being September and all. Sorry for not understanding a 2 month wait when that information is not easy to find. Also he posted that on a thread that was already created. The sticky was for September, and my issue was for July so I did not feel like that sticky was directed at me. I apologize for not understanding, and hope this is just all some weird delay.

@steeven If you could still look into it, hopefully it’s not a problem. My email is Jessicawolf53@hotmail.com

ok I’ll explain … the references are confirmed after 30 days of use and are paid on the 8th of each month, if your friend downloaded brave with your link on July 10, he must use it for 30 days and on August11 it will be confirmed and that You will have payment on September 8, which is the payment date … that is … we have just charged the references for July and next month for August … it is all

ok thank you, that for sure answers issue 2. Thank you for that. That doesn’t really answer the first issue though. Why are so many people seeing that the estimated payout for viewing ads and the actual payout so vastly different. In my case alone I was making anywhere from 14-25BAT, then out of no-where I was only awarded 8 BAT. My ad viewing habits only increased plus I synced with my phone so my estimated was close to 30 BAT, then I was only paid 8. I see many threads on here asking about this issue as well. The price of BAT did change a little bit since last month but is still very close minus the random spike for about 3 days or so. So I expected the estimate to not be exact but 8?

Edit:Just now received my creator payment so issue 2 is solved. Issue 1 still uncertain.

Edit2: I just seen the sticky posted about issue 1. Is that why after my payment went through I still had an estimate of around 8 BAT at the start of the month when I had only click on a few ads? Does that mean those 8 Bat are going to be part of the the one time mid month payment?

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The answer to your other problem I think is answered here

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