Brave is not blocking any trackers or ads

Brave is not blocking any trackers or ads. I reset my windows 10 this morning and downloaded brave again. But from that time it is not blocking any trackers or ads.
For proof-

Please help me ASAP!!

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Hello @RikhilTaneja

what is your shield setting and could you try to close brave then make sure that it is not working in the background then start it again

if that did not help then could you disable all your extension and reopen brave again and see if it work or not

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! @justsomeone1
My shield settings are default.
I have even deleted and reinstalled Brave but it didn’t work.
I have even tried it after uninstalling all my extensions.

you very welcome

could you go to any site then click on the shield icon and send screen shoot of that

Here you go @justsomeone1

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could you choose advanced mode and send another screen shoot

also i see there some extension show up next to the address bar so could you also go to brave://extensions/ and disable all extensions there

Removed all extensions

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could you try to create new profile ?

go to menu then choose create a new profile


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did you clicked on add on the lower part of the screen ?

does the new profile block ads or not?

Yes I did
It is not blocking

let me ask @Mattches from the team to help you

but during that could you restart your computer and try again ?

by the way what is your brave version ?

have a nice day both of you

Can you please go to brave://components and tell me what version is shown for the Brave ad-blocker updater component?

@Mattches @justsomeone1

I do not how but automatically the problem is fixed!!!
Thanks to all those who helped!


you welcome :slight_smile: