Can someone please help?

Hello everyone, I am a new brave user and so far very happy to join this community.
I installed brave 3 days ago, both on my mobile device and desktop. Somehow on my Desktop (windows 10), i feel like it isn’t working at all because i’ve used it extensively over 3 days and so far there are:
- 0 Ads and Trackers blocked
- 0 HTTPS upgrades
- 0s Estimated time saved

I am getting A LOT of ads on every other website, same as Chrome.

However, on my mobile version, the numbers have been going up to a realistic value.

Edit: I just reinstalled the browser, it’s still not working.

Would be glad if the community can help.
Thank you!

Brave Version: Version 1.9.76 Chromium: 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hi @soomro, Welcome to Community!
Can you share a screenshot of your Shield settings?

First disable Edge or Chrome in Windows and enable Brave notifications in Windows preferences…

I already have. I have even uninstalled Chrome on my windows.

Can you try creating a new profile and seeing if the issue persists?
Click on the menu icon in the top right corner > create a new profile. After you make the new profile, a quick test would be to go to youtube, click on a couple videos and then open a new tab page to see if any trackers are blocked

I just did and it didnt change anything. I surfed the web and watched youtube and everything. Still nothing. However when i was on youtube only one thing was blocked but when i opened the New Tab the stats hadnt changed.

Can you try reinstalling Brave? Do NOT uninstall. I’d like you to try and rerun the installer.

Just did. It did nothing. Only opened a new window of brave browser.

Would you willing to download and test the Beta? We’d like to see if this issue still occurs on the Beta, and it can help diagnose where this problem is coming from.

I’ll be happy to! and i’ll give you my feedback by tomorrow!
Thank you so much, Aa-ron.
Bless you

I use Beta version for a day and still nothing. Should i keep using it?

What should i do now?

Hi @soomro,
Apologies for the late reply. So can you confirm that after using the Beta, and browsing as normal, the stats on the new tab page did not update?

Yes, the stats did not update.
I kept getting ads everywhere and even on youtube

What should i do now?

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