Brave Shield Not Blocking any Ads

I just recently reinstalled Brave on my laptop after factory resetting due to issues updating KeePassXC. Long story short…any website I visit Brave does not block ads despite having the shield on. I can provide screenshots if needed. Seems like I encountered this problem while installing the latest version. Please help, I absolutely despise MS Edge!

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It is very irritating that we will post in these help forums and community to get real help and usually brave never answers or fixes our issues. When they do reply usually its not with the answers its usually a template asking us to do all the work. Just saying. I have had multiple accounts and posted multiple times over and over again but never had any help and never had the issue resolved by brave or did i even get a reply.


Are the ads very invasive?
Send me a link as a sample, such as I can compare with I get in my device.

If this is the case I plan on restoring my pc at a certain point to see if the issue fixes itself. Every other Brave application I use works. For some reason on my Omen 16, none of the ads are being blocked. It just shows zero. It seems to be able to disable JavaScript just fine when turned on. However, connections upgraded to HTTPS does not seem to work on or off. It is very weird. I have only seen one other post about this occurring and alas no solution…

Uploading: example2.PNG…
I have provided two screenshots to show what’s going on my end.

Mainly my Pi-Hole tackles the usual stuff, aside from the google ad links as they break apps. Brave eliminates all ads from Youtube with no questions asked. This seems to be the case for ever website I link to. All ads go through the shield as if it was never there to begin with. In the first example, usually I would seem the number of ads plus trackers combined in a total number. It shows the shield is up and zero ads or trackers are being stopped. Second example is provided to show ads annoyingly appear no matter what.


Try the following then give me results

  1. Check if Brave shield is as in the image.

  1. Install extension ublock origin just to to check if the problem still exist, then delete it.

Clear cache in browser, flush DNS and restart machine.

  1. Checked the shield settings you have provided

  2. Attempted to install Ublock origins as extension. Would not allow me to download it at all. I have the screenshot provided. Then, I realized my Pi-Hole was preventing me from installing extensions from the Chrome store. U-Block does work but it does not work with private browsing. My preference is to browse privately so that my cookie do not save.

  3. Same problem persisted, I cleared the browser cache, flushed DNS, and restarted my machine.

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Now the shield is working perfectly fine. In the process of rebooting my Windows 10 machine 40 plus times it some how fixed itself. That’s not the say the bug will never occur again…If the Devs are watching this thread please make a note of this. It was most likely on Microsoft’s end as giving a fresh copy of Windows 10 on a bootable decides what it wants to install or miss a .dll on the OS. I’m just glad this Hell is over for now. I could not tell you how many times I had to reinstall Brave just to only encounter the same problem plaguing my machine. Now time to tackle my drivers errors. Thank you all for reading my thread and assisting me with my bug!


Thanks for the info. I suggest you leave the post open, maybe other members of the community could help you in finding a solution. I’ll look in this issue tomorrow morning, Europe time. Just tell me if you install the extension in Brave, normal mode not private mode, what happens?


I did install the U-Block extension on Brave, it did work just regularly browsing. It did the job by blocking ads. I’ll let the thread remain open until it closes out

If you succeded to install ublock in Normal mode, you will automatically find it installed in Brave private mode. Check extensions in private mode.

Yep It’s able to work in private browsing as well. Another problem I am facing is trying to figure out why my intipiki.dll disappeared once again. The whole reason I reset my pc was because that issue.


For dll file, open command prompt and paste sfc /scannow then enter. This will check your system files and recover/install corrupt ones.

If, for some reason have to you download dll files, do it from Microsoft or a secure source.

What Windows do you have, is it up to date?

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