Brave doesn't update my browser history when using Youtube

When I watch a video on Youtube or search for something, Brave doesn’t add this action to the browser history. The result from this is that after watching 3-4 videos in a row and then click the backwards arrow, I directly go to the homepage.

The problem doesn’t come from Youtube, because I checked the youtube history and all videos I watched are there. When I checked the browser history however, the only thing I found from Youtube was the homepage.

I read somewhere that deleting the cache and cookies could fix it, but it didn’t. Does anyone have the same problem?

This problem happened a few days ago and using Youtube became almost impossible for me.

PS: I just noticed that the url doesn’t even change when going from one video to another.

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I am using Brave on PC with OS Windows 10 Home version22H2. The version of Brave is v1.51.110. When I watch something on Youtube, the url doesn’t change depending on the video that is clicked, but stays the same except. That’s why the watched videos are not saved in the browser history and after watching a few videos and then click the backwards arrow I am directed to the homepage. The problem doesn’t come from Youtube, because when I check the Youtube history, every video that I watched recently is being listed. The problem started like a week ago and I am using Brave with the default settings and haven’t changed anything.

I recorded a video that shows a bit better how the problem looks like, but I am not able to post it here.

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From: Youtube history not being saved

  • Its either an extension (or another adblock list)
  • Or just try logging out, a re-login into youtube.

We don’t block the youtube history by default.

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Thanks for the answer. It was the extension called “React Developer Tools”.

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