YouTube history not working

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Description of the issue:

Hello, my Brave running on my iPhone with iOS 16.1 is not keeping track of my YouTube history. I’m using just the default settings and everything was working fine until last update

Thank you so much
A brave lover

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open YouTube on brave
  2. Watch some videos
  3. Check YouTube history to see if YouTube knows which video has been watched

Expected result:
YouTube should know which video have been watched

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
iPhone XS Max iOS 16.1

Additional Information:

Thank you for reaching out and for the detailed report.
May seem like a silly question but can you confirm that you’re logged in when using Youtube? On my end I’m able to see my history on YT without any issue (while logged in).

Dear Mattches,

Yes I confirm I’m logged in

I don’t know what happened but it come back working again some hours ago. Last properly working day was Tuesday 25 oct and then it just didn’t work until some hours ago

Thank you again! The issue is solved



Sorry mine is also not working.
I am logged in on YouTube inside of Brave Browser.

I have tried a few videos and still nothing appearing on YouTube History.
I tried the YouTube app to confirm it wasn’t YouTube itself, and YouTube app history works fine.

The YouTube app history also appeared on the Brave Browser YouTube history, so it can update.
Just seems to be that YouTube inside brave Browser is no longer saving history.

I checked my youtube history (on a clean Brave profile), and it showed my history via Some extensions will affect this, but we don’t block YT history specifically.

I tried a fresh install of Brave Browser app and it’s still not saving my YouTube history.

It was working fine till Wednesday this week, so potentially from latest update?

Try logging out of youtube, and then re-login. Disable all extensions also.

I had to log back in since I re Downloaded brave browser app.
No extensions are on.

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