Youtube not saving video progress

Hi, I’m having a issue with the progress bar of Youtube videos, that is not saving the point when I stop watching the video just to renew other day in that moment.

This happens like 1 week ago. I turned off the ad-block and work normally, but when I turn again on, the progres barr just messed up, also I try truning down some protections but did’nt work.


Mmm okay new to me works fine there on both on win and Mac

Have same problem here, had similar problem with ublock a long ago. Back then ublock did block some of Google usage API calls responsible for watch history. Probably it is similar issue.

What’s the steps to reproduce this?

For me it is simply watch any YT video, and after watching go to and see if progress of watching that particular video was saved (thumbnail of that video should have red “underline” on the bottom border). If youtube “registered” that video was fully watched this red bottom line will equal the width of the thumbnail. If only half of the video was watched it should only red “underline” length will be half of the thumbnail width, and when you click on that particular video it should start from around half way point. I’ve tested it on Edge, it is working fine there, but on Brave it is only indicating that video was started (red “underline” is visible only on the left side of the thumbnail) and actual “progress” of that video wasn’t recored by youtube, probably due to something being blocked.

It’s exactly the same situation that Krzywus mentioned. Also when I refresh the site (F5) in middle of the video it restart from the beginning.

I was searching for a solution, and found that the brave shields block one google API responsible from save the watch time history. The solution is add a exception like this:

! add exception to EasyList rule to let YouTube track video progress

But, Brave does’nt have any exception management. So, I would like a solution.


OKay, fixed. Thanks for the report. Update will be seen in 24-48hrs.


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