Youtube not saving history

Ever since I switched to Brave my youtube history has not been saving on website and I cannot see my progress on videos I watch because of this.

I’ve seen some fixes for this but have no idea how to use github or anything to fix this problem.

Hello @bladee
if you talking about saving the history on your google account

so check if turning off shield help or not?

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When I turn off shields youtube history still does not update. On chrome it works perfectly fine but I don’t know why this is an issue on Brave.

what about change the shield setting to allow all for tracker and cookies and fingerprint?

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Still doesn’t seem to be updating when I changed the shield settings to that

i really do not know let me ask @Aa-ron from the team to help you

and have a nice day both of you

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I appreciate you trying to help. Thank you!!

you welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi @bladee, Welcome to Community!
I’ve tested youtube with the default settings:

and history is updating - do you have any extensions installed?

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Hi, I removed some old adblocker extensions I had and now it works fine! Thank you!!