@Brave did shutdown correctly@ message

Brave opens for about 5-10 seconds and then closes.
The problem was initially accompanied by a message saying that it was not shutdown properly but this has now disappeared. Selecting ‘Restore’ or ‘Cancel’ made no difference.

Can’t provide screenshots as Brave is not open long enough.

Happens every time. It just loops open/close.

Windows 10 - latest version of brave

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you tell me if you have any extensions installed at this time? Do you get the same results if you attempt to open a Private window (right-clicking on the icon, New Private window from the context menu)?

Many thanks for your response.

Yes, I get the same problem in a Private Window.
I have two extensions and I also tried disabling these but it didn’t help.

I’m trying to avoid losing all my saved pw’s & bookmarks
Is it possible to repair or reinstall & keep these?

Can you try the solution found here (steps should be the same in Windows 10 as in 7) and see if this fixes anything?

If it does not we’ll focus on extracting your bookmarks and any other data we can so we can do a reinstall

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