Problem on my brave browser please help me!

Since two week i got a problem on my brave browser.
When i lauch it, everything works normally during 2 or 3 mins until brave shut down for no particular reasons. I dont understand why this problem begin. I try to erase all the navigation data but it doesn’t work. I also try to reinstall brave but same problem…

Thank you for your help and sorry for my english !

Yeah. I have the same problem with my Brave Release 1.10.97 on Win7.
I open it, browse the web and BOOM! It crashes. There isn’t any not responding, error or Brave.exe has stopped working. Nothing. Just browsing and it closes. Checked Event Viewer (Win + R > type: eventvwr), no errors. When I open it again, it shows: Restore tabs? Brave wasn’t closed correctly. or something like that. I was submitting the same bug report, but your one appeared. Can this error be fixed soon?

Thank you for the details of the problem. I didn’t specify it but It’s exactly the same for me. Hope it will be soon fix !

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