Creator account payout not received yet

Till yesterday it was showing "statement is being generated "on my brave creator account’s dashboard but today I’ve seen that there is no such status.
I did not received my payout last month(July) too and this month the statement has been generated but I did not received my payout in my custodian.

Before 2 days I was having a problem with claim button on my browsers it is resolved though , now this one

There is no error/mistake from my side like re-verification of uphold and all. Everything was normal from my side but wondering how am I not getting payouts since last month.

What to do ?
Any suggestions @Mattches @steeven

Thanks for reaching out. The Creators payment is still processing. You can follow this thread for the latest updates - August Creators Payment.


There should be a link to this payment updates from the creator site (just like there is from the main browser rewards area).

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The same is posted in above replies

Still haven’t received

Agree. The information in the creator site is very limited. We don’t have any information about pageviews from Brave, how many of them have ads enabled, how many of them have auto-contribute, where the visit from a donator came from, or in which page/video was it given, etc.

It shows payouts completed still not received :smiling_face_with_tear:
@steeven @SaltyBanana

I also didn’t get paid… but I did get a message that I’d be included on the next month payout.

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