Brave payment not received


I have added my website in my brave browser and allocated 100% payments to it. Yesterday on 8 Nov, the contribution of 50 BAT was made. But I have not received in my Uphold wallet yet. It is also not shown in pending payments.


We are experiencing a glitch in the payouts system that has resulted in a small selection of publishers having delayed payouts. We have to manually payout the publishers who got left behind. You’ll get paid out hopefully by the end of next week (you won’t have to wait until the next payout date listed on the dash, just give us some time to process everything)!


Asad @ Brave


I still haven’t got my payment.



Please wait a little longer :slight_smile: As I said we had a bunch of delays this month with the payouts. Soon we’ll be switching to a completely automated system and everyone will get paid out much more timely :slight_smile:

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