Payment Not Received



It’s been almost 2-3 months since Brave had first run the referral promotion. Since then some other publishers and I have been ‘lied’ to about receiving payment. The first promise was the end of the month after the Contribution Balance was deposited to Brave Wallet. Then it was 2 weeks, then it was first week of June and then it was June 8th and then it was changed to June 6th. It is now June 9th 11:15Pm and the payment has not yet been deposited to my uphold account.

I would advise the Brave Team that rather than running more promotions (e.g. On June 6, we launched a 500,000 USD monthly BAT giveaway for Brave browser users. Users will donate those grants to their favorite creators (you!), so more monthly BAT is on the way if you encourage your users to browse with Brave) get us paid for the first promotion and compensate us for the amount of times that we were provided misleading information. I really believe in what Brave has to offer but right now it’s seeming more like a big scam rather then a promotion.

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BAT not being transferred to my publisher account

Hi JethroJ,

It’s likely your account was flagged for suspicious activity. Probably a false positive, but better safe than sorry. I’ve added your username to the review list and the Publishers team will go through your account, clear it for any suspicious activity, and then make sure you get paid out. Nothing else is needed from you at this time.


BAT not credited to uphold

Hello @Asad,

How long will this take? I can send you any information that you need so we can get this fixed as soon as possible.



Hello @Asad,

I have not received the BAT, why can it be?



Hello there, I haven’t received any payments either… what is the procedure?


Hello @Asad,

Any updates yet? Please reply.



Hi @kalou ,

Please PM me your email address.

@JethroJ No updates just yet. The team is still deciding on how to best approach this problem. Once we have made some progress we will be sure to let everyone know.


@Asad, I am still wondering why I was flagged for suspicious activity. To be honest this makes me want to lose faith for Brave. Also why wasn’t I informed that I was flagged until 7 days ago?


We are still investigating these flagged accounts. Keep your eye on your email inbox – we will reach out to anyone affected directly with further instructions.


@Asad I feel like this isn’t ever going to get resolved. It’s starting to look more like false advertising, it’s been almost 4 months (I linked my YouTube Channel 02/24/2018) and every time there is something new. I will wait until July 8th to get twhat I worked for. If nothing is resolved, then I will find a way to escalate this issue.


@JethroJ we all are waiting for resolving this problem, i am linked with brave from 02/16/2018 , we will wait for the 8 july and we will see …


Hello @Asad,

I don’t want to be a bother, but just wondering on updates. Please reply, thank you.


@JethroJ You should get paid out this week barring any other disasters :slight_smile: We cleared your account. If you don’t get paid this week let us know.


@Asad It is now 9:14Am July 9th and I still haven’t been paid. What is the issue?


Hmm, should not be happening. Will check with the team right now. More updates soon


Please fix this.



@Asad what does this mean? Why was my account suspended? What suspicious activities have I been doing? I’m starting to lose all faith on Brave.


@JethroJ I’ve sent an email to your Publisher email address with further instructions and details. Please follow up with me there.

Thank you.

Asad @ Brave


@Asad I haven’t received any email. I’m going to private message you my email again, thanks.