Creator payouts for tips. April

I have received full payment from Brave Creator.
Sincere thanks.


I also received it after many days of waiting.
Brave does not let us down.

could you please show me the screenshot because i havent received mine yet.

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I see a lot of people in the same situation as you.
Looks like they haven’t paid for all yet.

ok thanks for your response.

I also received the missing payment from Brave.

Did you get paid for the publisher or for advertising?

Did you get paid for the publisher or for advertising?
I still haven’t received payment for the publisher.

I just checked Uphold wallet.
I have received payment from Brave Ads and Brave Tip Ads.
Thanks dear.

What date did you receive it?

I am truly grateful for this browser and it’s developers.
My number 1

Looks like all payment issues have been resolved.
BAT has entered the uphold wallet.

Still I have not received my Creator payment.

my creator account got suspended

What date was your account suspended?

at the start of this month

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