I’ve not received the payment from creators

Hello Brave Support,

Payout Status for Creators is now “Complete” but i’ve not received the payout for November.

Last deposit date: 2021-10-15
Next deposit date: December 13th

Please resolve my problem. Thank you very much.

Please DM me the email linked to your account and I can take a look .

Hey can i dm you too? Also have same problem

What is happening that the October payment for Ads has not arrived, and neither for Brave Rewards? nobody says anything responsible for technical support. There is no coherent and serious answer. those responsible will have to show their faces! Disrespectful to all Brave users. Brave lost its reputation with this. many people will migrate to another incentive token. You, TECHNICAL SUPPORT, ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOB WELL.

I also not received November payment

My linked email

Id sudhirchaudhary40@gmail.com

Hello Steven,

my linked email to uphold is


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