I didn't receive my payment of April 8th

Good night Brave Team

I write you because i want to ask if is possible to get process my payout. You see, I’ve waited about two months for my first payment. The last time they did not process my payment due to a strange bug with my Uphold, they fixed it and they assured me that I would charge yesterday and this time because they suspected my account when there was no problem (Now i’m not under revision) Could you help me by making an exception for a single payment or process my payment normally? I really need the money and it’s exasperating to be in my situation. Please, I hope you can understand me,

Best regards,

Josman Aponte.

I didn’t receive my payment also.


i did not receive either since two months, i consider go back to my old Browser, nobody promise something and after you reffered just got ashame

@Josmanaap @Asad and the Brave team are currently investigating the issue.

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