Brave crashing as sooon as it is open

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Literaly I clic on brave icon and it is crashing immediately.

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

I downloaded fresh new version and installed it today, I can not check inside browser because its crashing as soon as it is open. It was working fine up untill today.

Additional Information:
Windows 10 Pro OS build 19045.3803
Antivirus Bitdefender

Same problem here. Same Win version/build. Was OK yesterday.

Same exact problems. Likewise, it just started happening. Version 10.0.19045 Build 19045

If I open in developer mode, all looks normal except pages do not resolve - there is a flash, then it’s blank.

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I am starting to think it is hardware related somehow? Because on my other PC, it’s working completely fine, same Windows build.

Restart PC and try opening private windows 1st via taskbar

My Brave …Ver. 1.61.104 is crashing my win 10 desk top. DPC Watchdog Violation…Microsoft just posted a security update yesterday…KB5032189. I’ll bet they’re connected. Do technical people monitor this site?

I temporarily disabled windows defender. It’s been working great for the last 2 hours.

Okay. It is all working after the restart. Thanks!

Quick question, did you just restart it or did you disable your firewall and then restart it?

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