Brave crashes immediately on opening


I’m on Windows 10. After Windows had an update today, Brave had an update as well, but it wouldn’t reopen and instead just crashes almost immediately if I open it and closes out. I was googling around and found someone on these forums suggesting to rename my User Data folder. I did, and that seems to work, but my browser starts over from scratch. Is there a way to restore my old user data? If I delete the new User Data and change back the filename of the old user data Brave goes back to immediately crashing on opening. Also, the Brave icon on my taskbar randomly goes back to the blank page thing.

Restarting my pc doesn’t work. Reinstalling doesn’t work. Brave Nightly works but again starts over fresh. Also changing to vertical tabs causes Nightly to crash.

I see another person opened a similar topic. I am able to open a private window and can browse to brave://crashes and see a bunch from today. Unfortunately if I browse to brave://extensions my browser crashes and closes.

Can you share the Uploaded Crash Report ID here for us?

Rather than going to brave://extensions, are you able to interact with extensions? What I mean is like on my browser, I have the the extension button on the upper right, next to my Cast, Wallet, and VPN buttons:


If I click the extensions button (the one that looks like a puzzle piece), it lists my extensions.


If I click the hamburger menu thing of the right of the pin button, it gives some options, such as below:


I’m assuming trying to Manage Extension will cause the crash as it tries to navigate to brave://extensions but it may not as it goes to just that specific extension. However, choosing Remove from Brave may work. If so, can see if removing any visible extensions from there might help resolve your problem.

I was able to generate some ids after clicking send now:


I don’t have the puzzle piece showing. If I click extensions under the hamburger icon, it crashes. If I go click settings, it also crashes.

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I can access the task manager and it lists the extensions. What’s dedicated worker? Maybe that’s causing the crash?

Same situation. This is what worked:
1 - Navigate to your user data Default folder
2 - Delete the Extensions folder
3 - If brave starts, then it is a faulty extension
4 - Restore the extension folder
5 - Enter the extension folder and delete subfolders one by one trying to restart brave each time
6 - Once you delete the faulty extension, brave will work like before (it only lost the dark mode for me)

Found it, had to go to Default. Same thing for me my theme was the culprit. “Classic blue theme with gray navbar”

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Please take a look at Brave crashes immediately upon startup - #28 by kamil for more information and solutions that can resolve the above crash/issue. It’s definitely related to Vertical Tabs and certain theming extensions.

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