Brave crashing/immediately closing upon starting

Description of the issue: Brave will not open upon trying to start it/crashes upon starting.

Steps to Reproduce: Start up brave.

Actual Result: Brave crashes.

Expected result: Brave opening as normal.

Reproduces how often: Infinitely.

Operating System and Brave Version: Windows 10, latest brave version ( V1.33.106)

Additional Information: I really need some help, I tried most common fixes such as reinstalling, downloading via standalone setup, disabling gpu through properties, and countlessly restarting my pc after each attempted fix. I really need some help.

Note: It was fine earlier today, it only started acting up when a windows update installed. To my assumption this is the cause as I’ve never encountered this issue prior.

Same thing is happening to me will my passwords save after reinstall?

I had the same problem, but it was right before the Windows update. Pretty much the same time though.

It got fixed for you?

You may want to backup your defaults folder, it contains all of your profile data (bookmarks, passwords, etc.)

Nope. I’ve tried tons of stuff. Using chrome right now.

Happy I made a password backup a month ago might have to reset a few.

I’ve been having the exact same issue down to the Windows update happening right beforehand. I’ve attempted to rollback the update, but it isn’t possible. I’ve tried everything to get the browser working again.

In order I:

  • Saved a copy of my Default folder
  • Uninstalled Brave
  • Deleted every residual folder on my PC from the program
  • Restarted the PC
  • Downloaded a fresh copy of the Brave Installer and ran it
  • Disabled hardware acceleration by putting “–disable-gpu” in the shortcut’s execution target
  • Disabled all of my antivirus
  • Uninstalled, deleted the residual folders, restarted the computer, then reinstalled via a standalone setup

…and it still refuses to open. It either flashes a black or white window, sometimes not even that, before closing itself out. It doesn’t even register an instance in the Task Manager.

I backed up everything in my user data folder and then loaded up brave with an empty folder and that didn’t work. Thankfully I use keypass as my password manager so that’s not effected by this.

Same here, I tried all the usual methods of fixing this issue.
Like you mentioned, disable gpu acceleration, uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting certain types of folders, still have yet to find a working fix.

My guess would be something from the windows update is affecting the way brave launches, or vice versa. Using chrome right now as well, really hope there’s a fix out soon.

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bonjours j’ai le même problème que vous mais moi cela me le fait aussi pour chrome, opéra, il y a juste Microsoft Edge et Avast Security browser qui se lance.
j’espère que vous saurait nous trouvez une solutions

Same thing happening to me, I really need this to be fixed soon.

Thanks all for reporting, is this still an issue? Currently investigating.

@vortex_idk @Vandinar @timotheninja thanks again for reporting. Can you tell me more about what you have enabled in the browser: Rewards, Sync, Wallet?

I don’t think I have any enabled

It’s still an issue for me

@timotheninja @vortex_idk @Vandinar have you added any new extensions? Did you enable any flags via brave://flags by any chance?

Can you check to see if there are any crashes reported using the following:

C:\Users[user]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Crashpad

@WRY_DOS_EET_CRASH does downloading the older version launch for you?

I haven’t added any extensions recently. Would enabling flags fix it or could it be a cause?

même avec une autre version brave ne se lance pas