Brave crashes every time that I open it

Description of the issue:
When I open Brave, I see the Brave menu show at the top of my screen (Brave’s drop down menu) but a browser window never opens and then the Brave menu bar disappears. In other words, Brave seems to be crashing upon startup.

Reproduces how often:
Every time.

Brave Version(about:brave):
I am not sure where or how I can get this information, given that I can’t get the browser to open. I found a Brave directory on my computer but I didn’t see the information there. I installed Brave about 6 months ago but I am not sure what updates I have done. I am on Ubuntu 18.04.

Something similar happens to me too but on Windows 10. Brave launches but every single site I get “Aw snap” Even trying to open settings gives me “aw snap” I have no idea how to debug this or try something similar. I’ve reinstalled multiple times. I’ve tried both on and off our corporate proxy. This is an IT configured corporate laptop so there is probably something in it preventing brave from working properly. Every other browser I have tried works. For now I will stay on Chrome but had hopes to migrate off. I am evaluating all my options now.

Is that an enterprise edition of Microsoft Windows 10?

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