Brave Browser switching search engines automatically?

Hey all,

I’ve been having a bit of an issue when I use brave every so often. Whenever I do a google search and click on a result a completely different tab will open to a random website. For example, I was looking up new bose headphones in the google search bar and I clicked on the top result which is not an ad and new tab opens up on amazon displaying a different headphone company.

In addition, when I use the brave search bar it will not use my default search engine and instead use bing. The same issue happened when searching “bose qc” in the search bar and instead displayed results from bing instead of google.

If anybody knows whats going on I would greatly apricate it. This issue only happens when using brave and no other browser.


Brave Version 1.48.171

Can you check which options you have for your search engine?


My first thought is a malicious extension, or some other malicious software, on the computer.

I thought that as well and I’ve ran my anti-virus softwear many times and found nothing.

Did you remove extensions and check?
Also do give it a try in a new profile and if the issue doesn’t happen there. It’s most likely the extensions and not Brave.

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