Brave Browser is ridiculous to the point it really resemble a scam

I have been using Brave at work 9-10 hours a day, 5 days a week for 2 months, set maximum daily ads to 5, auto-contribute is off and clicked and viewed every single add I received and YET I managed to get only 4.065 BAT. Also in the last 5 days I got no ads at all. Is this a joke?
If I need to have 15 BAT to move the tokens outside the browser I need at least other 6 months (assuming ads keep showing) and what if in this period of time I change job, or have to give this computer to a colleague or someone just wipe out Brave from the pc?
So the real questions are: why do we even need to bother wasting time using Brave when the rewards are jokes and clearly are not 70%? Giving the shady tactics the Brave team has done in the years to get money and giving the ridiculous rewards they are giving us and giving the fact that rewards are locked into the browser for many months (good luck getting 15 BAT in less than 4 months), just WHY should we use Brave and make them money?

If you already have a verified Uphold account, you can connect it to Rewards wallet without 15 BAT minimum requirement. That’s only for creating new Uphold account.

There’s a login button to bypass this. Example on mobile.

Sources for your claim?

The numbers of ads you see can vary depending on many factors. Also see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? and

Given that Brave Ads still ~2 years old, and the number of adoption is growing, along with active campaigns (, it’s still too early to say Brave Ads “is a joke” IMHO.

TBH, Are you here just for the money?

BAT Rewards aren’t the main aspect of the browser. There are many other important things here which aren’t there in Chrome. And as @eljuno said, you don’t even need minimum 15 BAT anymore.

If you download the Uphold app on your device and get it Verified by giving all the necessary details, your account will be ready and you can link it to any device. So get your Points right.

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