The incentive to use Brave browser to earn rewards is completely gone

As the headline state there’s no incentive to use Brave anymore regarding rewards. To put it simple I can now get roughly 0.04 BAT a day if I use my browser for many hours a day. To verify my wallet I need 25 BAT so I need to use my browser for several hours at different times a day each and every day and if I do so… I’ll be able to get verified in 625 days… really? 25 days to be able to donate 1 BAT token… can’t you guys see it?

When the rewards were cut from 0.01 to 0.005 I was close to change back to Chrome because Brave isn’t as smooth a user experience as Chrome. There are things I can’t do in Brave that I can do in Chrome. With 0.0025 it’s simply ridiculous and I can’t see why I should continue using a browser that pays me 2-3 cents a day and it’s not like BAT is suddenly worth the double it was last month, it’s up 8%.

On top of that I have seen many ads without getting rewarded because my region isn’t a part of the world that the specific ad pays to. So here I am viewing ads that Brave gets paid to show me but I’m not being rewarded. I don’t think that was as promised?

I think you guys need to consider what you’re doing. Either you’re getting way too greedy or your economy isn’t working properly if you need to reduce the rewards in such a manner.


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