What is these Brave are you kidding us?

My esimate earning is arround 8.2 BAT but it shows I will get only 0.2 BAT after 7 days and remaining BAT is carry forwarded to next month what is this ?

i have asked this question many time in community but still it is not solved yet,and yes this is clearly not good .
anything from your end ? @Mattches @steeven @SaltyBanana


This happens everytime~


Yeah man, same problem here too… this going for too long, still they haven’t fixed it yet… its so much frustrating… every month… we facing this same issue… I’m almost done with brave… its like they’re scamming us with their so called brave rewards… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:…

Its was great browser once… but, now its just broken browser with full of bugs!!

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I’m also tired of this problem. It’s been happening for the past 3 months. Each month so many people complain but there is seriously no one to look at and that is the reason it hasn’t still been fixed.

I earned 2.4 BATs in February but only 0.4 were added in processing and the rest remained there. I thought I’ll receive the remaining amount in the next month. But guess what? Next month I earned about 2.5 BATs (plus 2 BATs from last month) so I had about 4.5 BATs but again only 1 BAT was added for payment and the rest remained there. Now this month, I had 9 BATs and only 2 BATs will be sent. This is so frustrating.

I wish there was an alternative to Brave. I wouldn’t think even once to switch.


Still no solution? I haven’t received any BAT or ads since december…

Ohh man so sad for you
Contact Brave Team they will help you for resolving it

Ohh man 700+ BAT are you kidding

How is This even possible

Please check ur DM let’s connect there

I nearly got a heart attack seeing this. How is this even possible. I use brave so long each day yet only get 2-3 BATs. Any tricks/tips you want to share?

Yes Buddy I’m Feeling the same and I am also frustrated from this Problem In my account my estimated earning is 8 but I’ll receive only 0.04 BAT.

@steeven Take a look into this problem

Hey Sid how many BAT you getting every day?

I get about 0.200 - 0.500 max(PC + Phone). What about you?

Exactly same here some day I make 0.2 or sometime 0.3 in one device

Look at This man @BulokIPBanned69
He make 700+ in a single month
But how does it possible

I don’t really think it is possible (Legally)

Yeah but it’s good for him

We do not have any problem Right?

@BulokIPBanned69 keep it up

He is a troll, just editing the website via inspect element.

Yeah got it :joy: this is perfect answer

Hahaha! I just tried this.

This looks so good. :joy:

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