High ad volume, low monthly BAT rewards

Hello! My name is Bobby!

I have been with brave for a very long time (at least a year+ perhaps almost 2)
During my use of it, i’ve seen many fluctuations on how much rewards or ads I receive.
I used to get 20 BAT for a few months, and perhaps 20~30 ads.
Nowadays, i’m receiving over 100~200 ads in a month but the monthly rewards are like $1~3 which doesn’t seem to make sense.
What I noticed is the “ads received this month” and “estimated pending rewards”, was odd to me.
It feels like the rewards only calculates the first 5 days worth of rewards (about 12 ads) and pays me $2, then I get bombarded with hundreds of ads after the 5th day and the next month I get paid another $1~2.

I expected it to be like: “it pays for the entire previous month worth of ads, but paid on the 5th”.
Currently it feels like “we pay for this month, which is only 5 days worth of ads (12 ads so far)”.

So i’m a bit confused as to whether or not this is a glitch. And many i’ve seen have accumulated THOUSANDS of BAT (some in a few months), while I only made a total of about 122 BAT since I started, and I use the PC for like 12hrs~18hrs + daily. I use my PC a lot.

Either way, it’s been a great experience so far while using brave and it surpassed my expectations tenfolds! My friends and family all now use it and feel sluggish when they use other browsers again hahaha.

Thanks in advance.


I have noticed the same thing in my account. Plus I click on the actual ad and you can see its in my total but the reward is NOT adding to the total. Very frustrating for sure.


Not every ad provider pays the same amount for ads.
It absolutely normal and nothing you can do about it.

Here is an example of most of what it’s like currently.
It tanked from something like 30 BAT, to now earning less than x100 that.
Thing is, the people who are telling me “Hey dude, you should get some fresh air, go outside, why are you on the computer all the time”, they use the PC probably like 20mins per day and hardly twice per WEEK… That then get thousands of BAT.

I’m frustrated and a little bit disappointed because it accumulates as “salt to the wound”.
Because something that I enjoy doing as a hobby or lifestyle/research/work is more rewarded for others who just casually do it and show off or put others down.

The math doesn’t add up here so I thought perhaps i’m bugged or something.
Am I supposed to NOT USE BRAVE often, to then get more BAT? How does this work?
I just feel like I got the short end of the stick by far, when I was the one who introduced them into brave and have used it 2~3 months before they did.

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I hear you there… I work from home and decided to use the Brave browser because I am against the big tech censoring everything. I really like what this browser stands for and because I am at my desk working thought bonus I could earn some BAT at the same time. That does not seem to be the case. I can go through my 7 days of ads and it is recording all that I actually click on but the BAT does not coincide with the number of ads. I have removed ALL extensions and everything is updated. Still have these issues daily. Very disappointing for sure.


Haven’t seen/read about people with thousands of BATs of a single browser.
So far it looks like you are upset over free money. BAT is not here to fund your meals.
It’s is here to give you a little back for simply clicking once.

I currently have had 42 ads which would be approx. 6.385 BAT.
You got 12 ads which would be approx. 2.805 BAT.

Also keep in mind BAT is still a cryptocurrency, huge fluctuations in vale are absolutely normal. It always depends on the ads you get because as I mentioned before, ad provider pay differently and have also a different market in mind. I’m pretty sure you will not get ads for an Asian based site if you life in for example Swiss.

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I know that… Hence why I just use it as I always did over the years. I’m not a new user mate.

As an example of “effort/reward”; do you also work a lot and your colleague who is lazy and full of bad manners also get rewarded 1000x more than you while doing less work? Not to mention showing how his method is better, and should follow his ways. Maybe you and them are right and I should use brave less.

Or perhaps, do you train hard and earn your way to perform well and perfect yourself for your own ambitions while sharing/uplifting those around you, and some casual dude comes along, doesn’t do anything right, but he gets the medals and honor then shows off how he’s a top player and all should do what he does. This is how odd and unfair you seem like right now.
I simply ask for what I deserve, and this clearly isn’t (in comparison).
In this case, less effort/contribution = higher reward.

This is what I do anyway… Regardless if I use firefox or chrome. It doesn’t matter at all to me besides the speed and less ad clutter. I chose brave because of its performance, and the reward is also an encouraging incentive to do more for the ecosystem (bring more users, educate about cryptocurrencies, talk about how BAT/Brave enhances the crypto ecosystem in comparison with other projects, etc).
It takes a lot. Else the simple response I get is…
“Well just use Chrome dude, it’s literally the best, has so many extensions, and everyone uses it, Besides, i’ve never even heard of Brave so it must be crap, seems dodgy dude, no thanks”.

Imagine the same with perhaps Bitcoin.
You were part of the early adopters and have been around Bitcoin’s ecosystem since 2009.
Today people are gonna think you’d have dozens or hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins (because that’s how much there was around for these penny prices, you could hardly even buy bread with even like 50,000 BTC).

In Brave’s case, lets fastforward 10 years from now and Brave is by far the most successful.
But then you tell them, nope I only have 20~100 BAT coins and used Brave since the first few months. But my friend has made thousands, I don’t know why, maybe i’m unfortunate.
And it’s too late to demand fairness because the value is so high. I rather sort it out right now when the value is underrated.
This distribution unfairness is what i’m trying to address.


It took me no time at all to find people in my situation…
Here’s a recent post from Jan this year and this person had 2390 BAT that he accumulated.

Seems to me that you haven’t been here since earlier days like I have. You and I are not the same.
Let me address this matter that is affecting me personally (or others who are of my bracket).
If this does not apply to you, then ignore it.

Since September let me count.
September, October, November, December, January

That would make 4-5 months and if you would look closer, you see that in those brave://rewards-internals screenshots all of his/hers values are at 0 BAT and to make it even more interesting for you, he/she mentioned that the amount was “accumulated” with no mention of a duration. He/She only said that it is not possible to withdraw BAT since September and not that he/she got 2000+ BAT in 4-5 months.
There is literally no single screenshot that shows that amount at all.

Also just test it yourself:

  1. enter “brave://rewards-internals/”
  2. check the total amount
  3. compare the total amount with the amount that is showing in brave rewards (not the amount that you will receive!)
  4. If it doesn’t fit, send a screenshot

I just tested it and it shows the exact amount I currently have.

I used this browser for like 2 years and yes I’m was not in this community since today but I earned BAT since the early days.

I don’t know what this page is, but i’m warned to censor data.

Yes, that is because of the seed and wallet ids.
What is your current amount of BATs you actually have (not the pending amount)?

On the right side on the brave://rewards/ page.

In the wallet there is none, I withdraw them safely.
And I already showed you a list of all my accumulated BAT notifs.
What does knowing the balance have to do with any of this?

I was here since 20th Sept 2019, have 100+ tabs open and use the internet for at least 12~18hrs daily just by what I do.
And now when information is shared around (like how much my friends had earned and they brag about it), I wonder why on earth I only made 122 BAT while they made thousands.
Also, read the post. The person DID MAKE THAT MUCH. Perhaps there was no proof but it’s not unbelievable because I know others who do. And i’m wondering why I didn’t get at least a fair similar amount or realistically more (cus I use brave way more than they do).

See and there you have it.

brave://rewards-internals/ shows 0 BAT and you have 0 BAT.

Here are screenshots from my smartphone. As you can see those two values always fit.

This person did not have the 2000+ BAT because that would be visible under the brave://rewards-internals/ page.

brave://rewards-internals/ does always fit the current BAT amount you have in your wallet.

I have no idea what you are even remotely talking about.

The rewards internals DOES NOT REVEAL ANY INFORMATION about other people’s balance unless it is CURRENTLY in the wallet. And that person needed help to WITHDRAW 2390 BAT which was accumulated since sept 2020 (or even if it was before that, 2000+ BAT is normal to me).

The wallet won’t reveal any balance because I withdrew all my funds to my own private wallet.
So obviously it should show 0. But you can see that I’ve been receiving BAT, 0.25 BAT was the least I had.

The person could have said “I can’t withdraw my 10,000 BAT” and it literally wouldn’t change the situation. The person’s problem is about withdrawing BAT. Not the amount, that figure is irrelevant.
But 2000+ BAT, is to me, not an abnormal amount (because people I know personally, have made that much).
Btw, there was an issue where it showed 0 BAT in the balance some time ago.
These glitches could happen, but that still doesn’t change the issue. The problem for that person was not the amount of funds, it’s problems with withdrawal.

My concern is WHY DIDN’T I GET AS MUCH AS THEY DID (I’d be happy if it was near equal).
Realistically, I should have earned MORE (because I use it 100x more than they do, I literally get shamed for spending too much time on the PC and “not having a life”).
And yet I get 20x~50x less earnings than they do.

This nonsense of “oooh check if this guy actually has 2000” is some small minded pointless ego talk that doesn’t address the problem.

However, what would be interesting to me, is if you give me a public richlist.
That shows data of how many users are active, what balance and earnings on average (preferably with highest and lowest too).
If you have that type of earning/wallet size proof then sure, i’d agree. Not a “i’ve never seen that amount, so must not be true”. Just because you never saw it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. People don’t go around sharing wallet sizes, it’s private info because they can be targeted. But in this case, because earnings and wallet sizes are bragged about openly. Well now I want to understand howcome I fell short by an abusive amount?

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Okay, again.
This person claims that he/she can’t withdraw the 2000+ BAT so they are still in his/hers Brave BAT Wallet (browser).
Because he/she could not withdraw the BAT to a different wallet like uphold, the current amount should be the 2000+ BAT.
So in this case, those 2000+ BAT did not exist in the first place because if they would have existed, the Rewards Internals site would show that amount.

The Rewards Internals site ALWAYS matches the current amount of BATs in the Brave BAT Wallet (browser).

It is literally the first sentence from the user: “I have been unable to withdraw my Brave Bonus BAT from the browser to my Verified Hold account…”
Those 2000+ BAT should be visible in the Rewards Internals site because the amount is still in his Brave BAT Wallet (browser). The statement that he/she has 2000+ BAT that can’t be withdrawn is simply not true. There are no 2000+ BAT on in Brave BAT Wallet (browser).

Which also makes your claim that others have thousands of BAT in one month simply not true.

To come back to your question:

“You’ll earn 70% of the ad revenue that we receive from advertisers.”

Advertisers pay different amounts for ads. Which means that is is possible that only a few user get a certain ad which is also based on your location if you viewed an ad or not (also the liking system).
You will not find a single user that gets the same amount of BAT with the same amount of ads like you. I’m pretty sure there is a pooling system which basically means ads will thrown into a pool and user get ads out of that pool. If the pool runs out of those ads, you will get different ads.
I for example get mainly Gala Games and eToro but very rarely something else.

“While the categories of ads that you see and when you see them are inferred from your browsing activity, the data are stored on your device and are inaccessible to us. We will receive anonymized confirmations for ads that you have viewed, but no data that identifies you or that can be linked to you as an individual leaves the Brave browser on your device.”

“… estimated amount of ads that can be served to different content categories that users encounter as they browse the web”

So basically it depends if you are in a target group for ads and that is why some might earn more ads because their target group is different and has a higher revenue.
It’s totally normal and that is how basically everything related to ads works. Not everyone gets the same ads and that means not everyone gets the same amount of BAT.

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Ok, then if I must ask. Way is my then so low I have 31 adds for his month and it only shows
0.660 BAT.

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Could you show a screenshot of your rewards page and of brave://rewards-internals?


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Now that is interesting.
What ad providers did you get (7-day history)?

I got my payout just now (on mobile) and I got 0.4 BAT more than shown previously.
So could be a bug.

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at least you receive ad’s… i receive like 1 ad in 2-3 hours not even close to 5 ads in a hour… And i have my PC on for abt 14-15 hours… i new here but seems like joke to me so far, i read only complains…

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