100+ ads and I earned 2.4 BAT......you can keep it!

I’ve been using the Brave browser for years, long before BAT was even talked about. When BAT was started, I felt it had potential. In the beginning, I was rewarded ( when there weren’t bugs not sending me my rewards) for amount I thought was fair.

In the last 2 months, that has GROSSLY changed. Starting last month, after watching/reading 100+ ads, I received a whopping 2.4 BAT. This month, again I have watched/read 100+ ads for an additional 2.4 BAT. So I earned approx 40 cents at current market valuation!

My word to the Brave team, you can KEEP your rewards program! My time is worth WAY more than a measly 40 cents per month. With a current market cap for BAT is approx $288,000,000 USD, it should be obvious to anyone that those who created this browser are filthy rich, while shelling out less than pennies to those who use the browser.

Bottom line is your browser is a bugged out mess. Often times sites wont load correctly. You are VERY slow to improve features of the browser. Each month their are millions of people who have been robbed of their BAT or not have been paid at all!

For me, my time is worth MUCH MUCH than 40 cents a months while the powers that be are rolling in obscene cash! With that being said, I for one will NO longer be using this browser. By all accounts, it appears the BAT token was set up by a few people at the top to increase their own person wealth.

I’m glad it work out for you, but I wont help you get anymore filthy rich!

I got 470+ ads for 14.250 bat lol.

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how to get more ads . you are using VPN ?

I use vpn, yes. I need it to access all sites.

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