What is happening to the Brave Browser

Hi, Calculation for 10 hours of Brave user per day: 0.005 BAT (one hour) x 10 = 0.05 BAT (one day) 0.05 x30 = 1.5 BAT. This is not really fair. Users want to love and use Brave. But Brave seems to have the opposite opinion. I started using Brave in January 2021. In the early days I was getting 0.100 BAT per ad. Later, the amount of reward per ad was 0.010 BAT. For a long time my BAT amount did not increase and I was not paid from Brave (3 months). Fortunately this problem was solved by @steeven, thank you. But now 0.001 BAT is paid per ad. At the beginning of 2021, it was necessary to click 10 ads to earn 1 BAT. Until April it was necessary to click 100 ads to earn 1BAT. Now you need to click 1000 ads to earn 1 BAT. Things are getting worse. Please reconsider your decision. You can make a survey to get the opinion of the users. We want you to care about us.

Check this BAT rewards drop from 0.01 BAT/ad to 0.001 BAT/ad
It’s a popular theme now.

Brave Ads in My Region

Payout amounts were removed.
Brave states it returns 70% of ad income to users.
If you do the math, either Brave is way, way underpricing its clients or being true to its arrival. Comparative ad platforms, specifically Google, charge $1-2 for such targeted placement.

I expressed here:

And here:

My guess. Brave re invents itself, and the browser will no longer exist. Re invents as a what? I believe as a wallet…and a partnership with the Germans’ Mozilla?

How was your problem of not receiving ads solved? I’ve not got ads (except for browser wallpaper ads) and my balance of BAT has not been paid since Feb 2021 or so. Browser wallpaper ads should also be paid, I think, since they are ads, but I don’t get anything.

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