Brave and Ebay is a hot mess, even after update

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to Ebay.
  2. Do literally anything.
  3. Tear hair out when the browser locks up.

Expected result:

I expected to be able to make a purchase. I’ve been trying for the past 45 minutes to make a simple $10 purchase through Paypal. I search for the item, and it locks up before I can type it. Then I get an unresponsive page message and I have to close the tab. Resigning myself to the fact that I can’t use eBay’s search engine, I find the item using DuckDuckGo. Then, I open it and click Buy It Now. Once I click on Pay with Paypal, it locks up. Every. Single. Time.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.12.114 Linux Ubuntu

Additional Information:

In this particular instance, the error message appeared when I was trying to sign in, but it really can appear at any time.

I have zero problem anywhere else on the Web.


Same here for me on windows. I had to use Firefox to purchase what I wanted. I’m about ready to dump this browser. Besides I hate anything affiliated with Google or Microsoft,


Just tested the login/logout on Ebay. No obvious issues or browser hangs.

  1. I would test in private-window mode, no extensions enabled
  2. Test Brave in a new profile (again, no extensions)

Some extensions can be problematic, which is why I’m suggesting to disable them / try in a new profile

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I am having the same issue as everyone else.
Brave has been working fine on other websites
for the most part but there is a definite problem
with Brave browser & Ebay.

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Brand new profile, no extensions enabled.

Private information blurred out. I still get the crash message and the whole thing locks up.

I did get signed in, which is better than I normally do.

Just for the record, to eliminate hardware issues as the possible cause, I moved this profile to a different computer than the one I was using when I made the initial complaint.

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Same deal here. Ebay hangs up almost immediately. This has been going on for weeks now. Somewhat ridiculous this issue is not only not fixed, but not even acknowledged as a problem by Brave. What is going on? This is a real problem which will not be tolerated very long. There are a lot of options.


Have fixed an issue with ebay, give it 24-48hrs. Apologies.

Ditto for me. Don’t know why this issue has defeated
the developers but apparently it has. Have to resort
to using G/Chrome and FF. I’ve tried every suggestion
given here on the forums.

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Did not work for me.

See previous note, (see upto 48hrs.)

NOW, is their any chance to get 0.05 BAT/ad rather than 0.01

Why 48 hours?
I don’t want to be forced to use FF or Google Chrome
because bo one at Brave seems to be able to fix the
problem with eBay!

Just temp disable shields for ebay, shield updates takes between 24-48hrs. That said, most people should have ebay fixes now.

I just tested ebay login, and it went through the captcha successfully.

Even with the ‘Brave Shield’ off interaction with eBay
website is glitchy and can’t progress through processing
like I previously did a month ago or so. Latest version
of FF has no problems. Google Chrome has no problems.
Perhaps Brave has been compromised/sabotaged by
competitors/adversaries. I hate using any other browser
but Brave but the situation is what it is. Your suggestions
are not fixes. Brave is hurting/wounded and is in need
of repair in my opinion.

Glitchy in what way? screenshot?

If you disable Hardware accelleration in brave://settings does it help?

Same issue. After about 2 seconds on most Ebay pages, the site freezes for about 4 seconds.

Turned off Brave shields, turned off hardware-acceleration, disabled all of my extensions, cleared the website cache, restarted the browser…no difference. I am not having this problem on Chrome.

My setup: Win 10 Pro, i5 9400F, 16GB RAM, RX 580.

I would test in Brave Beta, but I wasn’t able to replicate any issues in Brave Release (testing logout/login and some browsing)

I made a video documenting the problem. I did some random searches and clicked on some random links on eBay and recorded. In the second half of the video, I created yet another profile and started from scratch.

In this video, I did not get the “Tab is not responding” message, although I do get that frequently.

I did not buy nor do I endorse any products that you see. In fact, I don’t even know what some of them are…

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I’ve also been having this problem. Version 1.13.82 Chromium: 85.0.4183.83

Works fine on Chrome and Firefox.

I have the same(?) problem on Andriod: Every eBay item page view locks up for 2 to 3 seconds, then starts working. I don’t have issues with purchases after it starts working. This is consistent and repeatable on my phone.

It sounds like people here are describing two different issues: Issues with the purchase process locking Brave all together, and issues with pages locking Brave up temporarily.

Android version 10 on Samsung Galaxy S9.

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