Brave shield causing high CPU / hang tab on 1.32.106

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. open or

Expected result:
tab loads fine

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.32.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)

tab becomes unresponsive, task manager shows the tab staying 100+ CPU

Additional Information:
The issue can be mitigated by disabling Brave shield on the site. This is happening on quite a lot of sites

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

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still the same issue on Brave 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit) while Chromium Linux 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) snap (64-bit) does not have this issue

This is so irritating (a good amount of websites are broken from this)

I’ve been having a similar issue for over a month, but for me disabling Shields has no effect. I suspect this is Profile related.
Trying to use is frustrating. Upon first typing the URL (, the browser displays the homepage. After selecting and typing a few characters into the ebay search field, the UI freezes with 100%cpu. An Unresponsive Page box is eventually displayed. After selecting the “WAIT” option, the page instantly starts working again. Switching to a different tab and then switching back can trigger another freeze upon selecting the search field for typing.

This seems to be more likely to happen on pages with “Sign In” elements. So, I removed some saved Passwords to see if I was hitting some limit with Autofill. That didn’t help.

NOTE: If I start a Guest Window and login to with Shields fully enabled, there is NO UI freeze/100% CPU issue. So, this seems to be Profile related.

Brave 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision 76e4c1bb2ab4671b8beba3444e61c0f17584b2fc-refs/branch-heads/4664@{#947}
OS Linux
JavaScript V8

No extensions are installed.
DIsabled hardware acceleration has no effect on this issue.
Opensuse 15.2

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How did you guys install Brave in your respective instances? OS repo, Snap package, or Brave repo, etc.?

On my Windows 10 system and Fedora VM I was not able to repro the issue with the Ebay or Fidelity sites. However, with the page, on both of my systems I do see a very long wait before the page will allow you to type in the field. It feels like the page is lagging, but then once it’s released it seems to behave normally.

Not sure what the problem is there. Also in my case, Guest and Private windows behave the same (responsiveness problem is still there).

I installed using the steps from the install page:

sudo rpm --import
sudo zypper addrepo brave-browser
sudo zypper install brave-browser

I may try to make a screen capture showing the lag problem, assuming I can get that to work…

Also, I tried starting a new Private window with your example URL and there was a 23 second lag before it echoed any of the characters that I typed into the user ID field. When I tried it in a Guest window, there was a 21 second lag. So, at least this cause doesn’t seem to be Profile related.

The lag persists on some sites. I just retested, in a Guest Window, and there was a 20 second lag before it recognizes my mouse click in the user ID field and echoed any of the characters that I typed. If I close this tab, open an new tab, and visit this site again, then I again see the lag plus or minus a few seconds.

My current version information follows:

Brave 1.33.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.110 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision d5ef0e8214bc14c9b5bbf69a1515e431394c62a6-refs/branch-heads/4664@{#1283}
OS Linux
JavaScript V8
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/96.0.4664.110 Safari/537.36

Something new happened today: The lag has been ever present for me on until just now when I cleared all browsing history, download history, cookies, and cached images/files. Just moments before this, each tab would lag and get an “Unresposive Page” popup every time I would (re)select that tab, refreshing the page I presume. Coincidence? I’m not sure, I have cleared my browser data before and it didn’t stop the lags. For now, I’ll enjoy normal ebay performance while it lasts.

in my case it’s from brave’s official apt repo. Still having this issue on

I attempted to collect relevant debug info about “the hang” using Brave’s Inspect feature:

  1. I visited and then quickly opened the Inspect UI from the right-click menu.

  2. I clicked on the “All Deals” pulldown to the right of the Search box

  3. I tried to type something into the Search box. This triggered typical hang/freeze of the browser UI. After approx. 20 seconds, the UI unfroze.

  4. I took a screenshot of the Inspect info (see below).

The last two Console log messages appear to be related to the hang. The first one occurred at the start of the hang:

GET chrome-extension://invalid/ net::ERR_FAILED

At the end of the hang, the following message was logged:

[Violation] ‘complete’ handler took 18047ms

Notice that the last entry took 18 seconds to complete! I’m not sure what is going one here, but it seem likely this is related to “the hang”.

(see full text of the last two console messages after the screenshot)

EDIT: I tried this for as well and the same error was reported including the 18 seccond hang. (see screenshot at the end of this post)

Expand Text of Log Excerpt

EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:258 GET chrome-extension://invalid/ net::ERR_FAILED
td_Gt @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:258
setup @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:265
addFeature @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:545
td_Zl @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:243
td_1q @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:203
td_s @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:146
td_1p @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:142
td_5B @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:148
(anonymous) @ EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:663
EVU7BIP3wEZI_UV5?bb587d748a04263a=ktTMM3onuJTvcbbZrQltnGweyH8DHM6KSHYlLkzQTXGXqESq1YkumKx3inn3guHhFUrlQx67qYoQXFrrGKlkwEjecCmAAG9iQhVXuEAG70nDFkKcwLztaaxZ0UW4alotycf6SRmT97Vgpu66w8z6dBvNc4KHh7AvuMcVNNPAf-_yLZPnJ6N0tHSMCXY-jeKyhHzOkKZkW2g&jb=3638242e6a736f773d4e696e757a266a7b6f3f4e696e777a24687162773f40706376672e6a73623f436a726f6d672532383935:618 [Violation] ‘complete’ handler took 18047ms

I gathered more technical details about “the hang”. Click below to view them.

Click here to see more technical details

I used Inspect to look at the javascript line(s) that are getting net::ERR_FAILED errors at the start of each hang. They are all calling some kind of “send” method (e.g. td_gV.send();) in a large block of what appears to be machine generated code.

I also checked to see if “the hang” could be reproduced on using a Tor window. It can. The interesting thing is that a different error code is returned, followed by the usual ~18 second hang (screenshot below) :

GET chrome-extension://invalid/ net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

Note that Shields for were turned off for this test.

This hang issue is 100% repeatable in a Guest window when visiting (with Shields turned off) so I used Inspect to look at Performance and took a screenshot of the “Frames Per Second”. You can see in this example that the frame rate goes to zero for ~14 seconds:

EDIT: 2022-01-21: I checked the latest beta release of Brave and the hang problem still exists:

Brave 1.35.89 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
Revision adefa7837d02a07a604c1e6eff0b3a09422ab88d-refs/branch-heads/4692@{#1247}
OS Linux
JavaScript V8

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