Thinking about switching away from Brave if performance issues continue

I’m getting increasingly frustrated with Brave as I keep running into performance issues and I don’t understand what is going on and why. Here’s a example…

I ordered a product thru Ebay and I wanted to check the order status so I entered and I was taken to their home page but at that point everything froze so I could not log in and I could not navigate anywhere on the page. In addition, I can hear my fans kick in like there’s some need to cool down the system but nothing is running but my browser. If I hit the back arrow and return to the new tab screen it fans slow down so you can’t hear them. If I attempt to go to that web page again from that same tab, the fans startup again. Sometimes even though I get to a page, Brave will tell me the page is unresponsive and my options are to wait or close. Now I can go to Microsoft Edge which is also Chromium based and have no problems getting to the page, entering my ID and Password and navigating and my fans do not speed up. Note that Ebay is not the only web page that this sometimes happens as I also have had problems on’s home page as well. You get to the page but once there the page is unresponsive. If this continues I’ll be tempted to switch my default browner back to edge. I like Brave but there’s something wrong as this never use to happen. Can anyone help.

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Still having trouble with Brave. I installed a fresh copy over the top of my existing copy thinking that I might have a corrupt file but that really didn’t help much. Today I was able to log onto but when I went to order a product via paypal I was never taken to the PayPal screen to complete the transaction and I kept getting messages that I wasn’t getting a response and asked me to either cancel or wait. I waited several times and finally cancelled and got the aw snap message.

I went out to Edge and got to the same order page, hit “Pay with Paypal” and was immediately taken to the Paypal logon screen where I completed my order. Anyone have any suggestions on what is going on and why. Very frustrating.

Do you get these results on eBay with Shields both up and down?

Also are you running any extensions at this time?

I have no extensions installed and it didn’t seem to matter if I had shields up or down. I did notice that when I logged off, exited the website and returned to it knew who I was meaning that there was a cookie that was involved. I went out and ran CCleaner and as usual it deleted all of my cookies except the ones that I explicitly want to keep. This time when it was finished I checked for cookies and CCleaner said that there were cookies still present. I went to "Brave and deleted cookies and re-ran CCleaner and the same cookies were there. I tried to manually remove these cookies thru CCleaner and it says they are removed but if I refresh they reappear. All of these cookies have an extension of and several sources say they have something to do with adsence. Not sure if this is related to my problem or not but I thought I would mention it. After cleaning out my cookies and running CCleaner performance seemed to improve but I had completed my order and right now I have nothing to order so I can’t replicate the problem I was having yesterday. It concerns me a bit that I can’t get rid of these cookies so I’ve uploaded a screenshot for you to look at.

Thank you for all the information. Reaching out to some team members about your situation – hope to have more information soon. Additionally, it looks like you’re not the only person seeing the issue with the cookies that cannot be deleted:

Thanks for the links. As far as my problem with Ebay and whatever site pops up in a similar fashion, is there a capture utility that I can turn on that will show what’s going on behind the scenes that might shed some light on this issue? I have history in Brave set to delete everything upon close but I had not run CCleaner in a while nor had I done a clean via Brave (excluding Cookies) . Right now, I seem to be able to navigate Ebay just fine but the next time it happens I’d like to be better prepared. I worked Tech Support before I retired and I know dealing with nebulous symtoms is hard to do.

The next time you see this issue, before using any other tools or anything, can you simply:

  1. When the issue occurs, open dev tools (Menu --> More tools --> Developer tools)
  2. Go to the Console tab in dev tools window
  3. Take a screenshot of the console window with any error messages in it (you can also copy/paste the console text but screenshot is likely easier)

BTW. I was told on Norton’s site to view a Google link that said the following regarding safeframes. This does not explain why they are placing a cookie on my PC that I can’t get rid of.

It is related to Google ads on websites. Rather than inserting the ads into the code of the website, banner ads can appear within a SafeFrame within the site. It is like an iFrame. Think of it like a quarantine area within the page you are visiting.

In my case I have Brave setup to block all ads.

Thanks for the instructions on how to capture what’s going on behind the scenes.

Hey @Moondoggy

I’ve rolled out a fix for ebay, to prevent the high cpu usage (due to portscanning from the sites).


And patch:

Regarding citibank, it’s a bit harder to debug due logins being required (and much harder to test), but am investigating

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I go into Citibank monthly to pay my account balance so I can let you know if it starts doing funny things. Last 2 months have been fine but before that it was bad. Perhaps this was fixed via another reported issue by someone else.

So, in regard to this fix for ebay, is there anything I need to do on my end or will it just be incorporated in the the next Brave release for Windows?

While your reviewing this reply, Do you have any thoughts on the cookies that I’ve acquired that cannot be deleted?

These cookies should be deleted, within the browser (if set by Brave). I haven’t used ccleaner (I would avoid)

Regarding the google cookie, The google cookie could be set by any request (mainly login/signup).

Okay regarding Citibank, In Shields blocked items. do you see requests? (only when performance dives)

If you read the article the issue is that the installers try to get you to trick you into installing other software like Chrome or Avast AV if your not watching what you’re doing. As long as you say no and install Ccleaner only the free version still does a good job of cleaning your system and Brave is now a supported app. The advantage I found is that you can add cookies you want to keep to an exclusion list and the cleaner will not delete them. Today when I deleted cookies from within Brave I had to re-validate that I was logging on from a safe network several times to re-add the cookies I need to keep. Unfortunately cleaning the cookies via Brave did not remove the Safeframe cookies.

Regarding Citybank I can’t remember what conditions existed the last time I had logon issues.
All I remember was that the page appeared to be fully rendered however the tab indicated that it was busy and Brave eventually asked if I wanted to wait or exit. Waiting didn’t ever do anything so I had to quit. I could go to the new Edge browser and had no issues and I don’t belive that turning shields off made any difference.

Brave Sucks man, they Don’t even pay, I made a good amount of Bat From tips, and they suspended them and never told me What was wrong.

I share with a lot of work this browser and they treat their users this way, its a shame

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