Brave hangs and freezes on

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Description of the issue:
Since the new update Brave acts inconsistent on eBay.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Visit, search and bid
  2. Sort search results by price or any criteria
  3. Try to place a bid on any items (you don’t have to confirm the bid, so no contract is made, you can test alike)

Expected result:
It runs smoothly like on other browsers, but it doesn’t happen unfortunately.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Google Pixel2 with latest updated stock Android 10

Additional Information:
Since the freshest brave update the site hangs all the time, phone gets hot. I click somewhere (for example place bid) and phone experiences touch to a totally different area (it enlarges photo). If I set brave to desktop mode it’s a little better.

Many times if I open eBay items in new tabs android system pops up “App not responding: wait - close” popup window during eBay browsing.

(Side note: since a long time eBay asks for solving captcha if I’m not a robot - it doesn’t happen on other browsers - and says it’s recommended to use a fresh version of their recommended browsers. But this is a minor inconvenience.)

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This may be a duplicate of

I have the same(?) problem on Andriod: Every eBay item page view locks up for 2 to 3 seconds, then starts working. I don’t have issues with purchases after it starts working. This is consistent and repeatable on my phone.

It sounds like people are describing two different issues: Issues with the purchase process locking Brave all together, and issues with pages locking Brave up temporarily.

Android version 10 on Samsung Galaxy S9.

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Yes you are right! However, I don’t want to mark this reply as a solution because it seems there is no solution yet on the other topic.

A solution is on its way, give it 24-48hrs.

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Thank you @fanboynz!

I, for one, really appreciate your taking the time to fix this. You’ve had some bad attitudes from some comments on these issues, and though that frustration was misplaced, I think everyone appreciates getting the issue fixed.

My compliments to you.

Was this fixed? I still keep getting tons of errors on, and I’m still not sure where the fault lies. Mostly Error 431, if I recall right. I basically don’t know if this is a site issue, a browser issue, or if it’s worth it for me to do anything or not.

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Hello @JohnnyBoy

The issue seems to be partially fixed (at least on Android). See the other topic. If you open brave://components and force update everything, disable brave shield for ebay if needed, it significantly improves.

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Its mostly fixed. Ebay still is using port scans on users computers which is a privacy issue.

Rolled out a new fix for any other potential issues. (give it 24-48hrs for this updated patch to be rolled out)

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