Brave Crash on startup

Description of the issue:
Brave crashes on startup,
When i run it it shows a faint outline of a box that covers 1/3 of the screen (far left side) then crashes.
How can this issue be reproduced?

1.Run brave

Expected result:
It doesn’t crash
Brave Version( check About Brave): in apps and features
Additional Information:
In apps and features in settings it doesn’t show how much storage it takes up, its just blank

See if things from the above topic help. Let us know if it did.

Sadly nothing worked, my Local State file is only 1kb and has none of the bits about sync in it, what should i do now?

I’ll get back to you. @Saoiray @Aman_M @rodrige @Chocoholic Any help you can provide ?

Also @YodaForce157 , did this start after enabling or disabling any specific settings ?

I have recently reset my pc and installed it again but it just broke after a restart, i can’t really remember what i did before but I think it was just a microsoft account change so i don’t think that triggered it but the restart did, not 100% sure though

Oh okay. I’ve tagged people who might be able to help more than I can…
Hopefully you’ll get help soon!

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Welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

So many things this could be. I’ll list some things to try to see if you can at least get Brave to open so that you can troubleshoot further. Hope something works!

  1. Try rebooting your computer
  2. Download the installer from and reinstall Brave. Your data should be safe but just in case, backup your Brave-Browser folder to a safe location first. If something should happen, you can restore from the back-up. No guarantee that you still won’t lose data, but it is your best bet just in case something does happen.
  3. Right click the Brave icon on your desktop and run Troubleshoot compatibility
  4. Download Beta and see if you can open Beta without crashing.

Test those things first. There are other things you can try but I am going to have to research a little to find. Can’t remember right off the top of my head. Posting a link to a Community topic that does have additional troubleshooting information you could try.


Also see if this could help- Brave crashes on Ctrl+N and Ctrl+Shift+N - #2 by SmartyAadi

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Tried all of that, still crashes on start

Sorry to hear nothing worked. Just to confirm, Brave is not opening at all before crashing and the same behavior is occurring in the Beta version. Correct? Also, are you able to open other chromium based browsers without issue? And anything happen at all when ran Troubleshoot compatibility?

I haven’t had the time to dig into other things you can try to troubleshoot. Just going to make a couple of other suggestions and tag the moderators for help. I think it is probably way past time to call in the professionals and leave the amateurs by the wayside! :slightly_smiling_face:

Other things to try:

  1. Make sure all your drivers are updated to the latest version
  2. Try temporarily disabling any anti-virus software you have installed
  3. Try renaming brave.exe to something else and see if the browser opens

Please post an update per the additional information and suggestions above. It may help Brave support troubleshoot your issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tagging @Mattches @steeven @Evan123

Just renamed it and it worked! But should i keep it as the new name? because if i change it back it breaks again.

Sorry, stepped away. You can leave it that way but you will have problems with updates. I think you will have to install updates manually, which will create a new brave.exe file which you will have to rename again if it is not working.

A new release is scheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow, watch for the Release notes post and when you see it, change it back to brave.exe and update. You may have to use the installer again. The new release may fix your issue.

Hopefully support staff can will pop in and confirm or provide the correct information if I lead you astray. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: FYI afk again, I am not ignoring you if you post again! lol

What version of Windows are you using? Sometimes an Antivirus software will target/block Brave based on the .exe name and sometimes this can happen if you’re using a game launcher of some kind (such as the Epic Games store/launcher).

The “anti-cheat” software contained in those launchers can target and block Brave from launching while the app is running which is why changing the name (in both cases) gets around this.

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The only game launcher i had installed when it broke is steam, I also have a new problem of the only search engine being brave now, what should i do? And thanks for all the help!

If Steam is fully closed when launching Brave, do you still get the same behavior?

Can you be more specific? You mean the only search engine you see in brave://settings/searchEngines is Brave’s? Or am I misunderstanding the situation here?

I am having the same issue on a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04. Anyone figured out what went wrong on this latest build?

I ended all the steam services in task manager but it still wont open with brave as the name, and yes it is the only search engine i see under the drop downs, thanks for the help!

Just found out, I reset my pc and installed my Anti Virus, thing is, I didn’t login and activate it but for some reason it still acts as an antivirus but you cant go to the dashboard and ignore certain false positives, so i think that may be the problem, will check back soon

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Just uninstalled the antivirus but still, it must be steam or one of the games as it was one of the first things i installed, unless its another issue.