Bookmarks shuffling and duplicating


Recently i’ve noticed that some bookmarks are shuffling around my bookmark bar without any user interaction, and it’s duplicating some bookmarks and placing themselves to the end of my bookmark bar. They just appear when I launch the app.
When I delete a bookmark, it disappears but returns on the next app launch.

I’m using macOS Mojave, up-to-date
Brave is up-to-date
I do have 2 other computers syncing my Brave bookmarks, but only I have access to those computers and I have not accessed Brave on those laptops in quit some time.

Any thoughts?


This is very likely due to the fact they’re attached to the same Sync chain, regardless of whether or not you’ve accessed them recently (we’ve had several issues with Sync recently that we’re working to resolve now). Can you try removing the device from the Sync chain and seeing if the behavior persist?

I will definitely unsync them to see if the issue resolves. But why is this even happening at all? and why not?

I believe it was likely this or something closely related to it:

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